Chennai guy dating 365

This Guy from Chennai Intends to Date 365 Women in 2015!


Men will want chenani hate this guy and also secretly be jealous of him. This Chennai based fashion photographer cum actor has made a plan to go on dates infor every day of the year and is already done with of them! The Mayakkam Ennai movie actor, Sunder Ramu's idea is to meet women for a meal but the catch was, the ladies pick the place and the meal and pay for it. The money he saves as chennai guy dating 365 dsting of ladies paying for him is being used to sponsor meals for underprivileged children and women from different NGOs.

The idea came to Sunder during a party that he had attended. In the past, I had also met guys with similar problems. This is primarily because the whole concept of dating is so overrated. Grimsby dating sites people come on a date with so many expectations that the evening is ruined before it even begins. Or with so much violence going on in our society, a simple thing chennai guy dating 365 a guy asking a girl out may even make the girl suspicious.

Likewise any girl who asks a guy guu would have her intentions misread. Besides, I had fallen into a pattern, with no new acquaintances or conversations. I wanted to experience that again. And experience he did too! His dating coterie ranged from actresses like Shriya Saran and Lekha Washington to his building's garbage collector, a watermelon seller, cuennai year-old grandmother, and unbelievably Chennai guy dating 365 leader M K Stalin's chennai guy dating 365, Durga.

Chennai guy dating 365 once word went out, he got asked out by random strangers too. I asked out the woman who collects garbage from my building," he said. We sat for a simple daging cooked by her, atop a sewage tank where she has her meals regularly. She had so many chilling stories to tell about chennau building and its history! I had an amazing time. Initially Sunder asked out women he knew, had come in contact with like chennai guy dating 365 friends, his favourite watermelon seller and Stalin's wife Durga.

It was also many women from his Facebook friend's list who saw his post and asked him out on a date. But as word spread, the unknown women came too. Most of the dates were far from conventional. One girl asked him out for a morning jog followed by idli-vada for breakfast and another girl took him fishing with a home packed meal. A schoolmate, now settled in Mumbai took him sailing and taught him how to handle a sail boat too.

But the ground rules are that gossip and bitching giy somebody else daitng off limits. All of us tend to do that instead of actually catching up or getting to know each other. But I feel excited waking up each morning because I know I will have an interesting day. I might even learn something new! Sunder is now planning to bring out a book on his dates, personal details withheld of course! Chennaii asked if he thought women could datiing something like this, he said, "If a woman had first begun this concept, then she would have been criticised chennai guy dating 365 shamed.

Unfortunately our society is like that. But I think if this concept becomes fairly popular now, it's already receiving some mileage, dwting may be more open to women trying out such stuff, knowing it for what it is. Vasundara R, Team iDiva. By Nyma Singh Merchant. Summer fashion and Style. By Debiparna C 1. By Team iDiva By Santu Cuennai By Debiparna C By Team iDiva 8. By Sonup Sahadevan 7. By Ainee Nizami By Prachi Gangwani Times of India Maharashtra Times Economic Times Navbharat Times Gaana CricBuzz Goal Romedy Now.

Guy Does Online Dating as a Woman

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