Austin and ally secretly dating fanfic

Believe Me - An Austin and Ally Fanfic

Hey everyone, I'm back with another Auslly fic! Don't know if I'll make this a multichapter, just depends on how much you guys like it. I just want to say, I've read a few like this, I know, but I don't know who they were by, and honestly all I remember from them is the storyline. So if austin and ally secretly dating fanfic sounds too much like yours if you have one with the same idea then please don't be mad! They're going to find out eventually! And I feel so guilty hiding this from everyone!

Austin catches my discomfort and reaches for my hand, stroking the back of it. If they find out, they find out! Besides, if you want, we can just tell them," he tells me austin and ally secretly dating fanfic a calm voice, trying to relax me. I just shake my head. We've hidden it for too long. If we austin and ally secretly dating fanfic them now…We just can't, okay? I've become more and more stressed over hiding Austin and mine relationship.

We've been keeping it a secret for 3 years! It's all I can do not to break down in front of my dad and friends. Since it's only my dad and I at home, whenever he comes into the house and I'm alone, I get terrified he's austin and ally secretly dating fanfic to ask about Austin. Even if he just says my name, I panic!

I just hope I don't sound panicked when I reply…That would be bad. I jump and race to the bathroom, trying not to throw up. I feel so guilty! I make it to the bathroom and shut seccretly in, locking the door. I lean against it and slide down with tears brimming in my eyes. Why couldn't I be happy without feeling guilty?

Suddenly there's loud banging against the door. I slowly stand up and wipe the tears from my eyes. Can I come in? I begin to break down again as I open the fnafic. I feel numb as he pulls me into an embrace. He rubs my back and rests his chin on my head, whispering that it'll be okay. I bury my face in his shirt and cry. I sob and sob, and when I pull back, I see a giant wet spot on his shirt, which makes me cry harder.

We need to tell them! He's right, of course, but while I can't keep living the way I secretlu, I'm nowhere near ready to spill the beans. I just want to move away from the world that I live in and live austin and ally secretly dating fanfic peace and happiness, guilt free. He listens closely, like a good boyfriend, and comforts me after I'm finished.

I mean, I feel guilty too, but not to the point where I'm afraid I'm going to be questioned whenever someone says my name. Listen, let's just hold out a little bit longer and see what happens. Why don't we order some Chinese food? I know you like that," Austin allh to me, rubbing my back. I slowly shake my head. Austin nods and laughs, then pulls me snd a hug.

Wow…I had no idea Ally felt the way she does! I have to do something. I adore her, and I can't stand to see her in pain like she is. When she's hurting, I'm hurting. That means that I feel like my insides are being zustin out! She looks at me with guilt-stricken doe eyes, and I feel awful. I'm the secret that's making her feel so out of whack. I slip out of the room and jog downstairs to the fridge.

I begin to sweat and stumble on my own words. Lester chases me and grabs my arm, spinning me around so Fanfuc looking him in the eye. The second she realizes that she admitted the secret, her hand slaps over ahd mouth and she looks like she may barf. Lester glares at me, and I shrug my shoulders. Wustin begins to cry, and I walk over to her and try to comfort her.

Lester appears to be getting impatient. I turn to him and put on a brave front. I cannot believe you've been hiding such a huge part of your life from me for three years! I mean its one thing to secretly date for daing month, maybe two, but three YEARS? I cannot believe the nerve of you, young lady! I wrap my arms protectively around Ally but she looks at me and shakes her head. I take my arms off of her and she bravely steps forward.

I hang back and watch, ready to pounce when needed. I didn't know what you'd think, and whenever I tried to tell you I just couldn't. I deserve anything you do to me. I'm sorry," she says, her voice catching at the end and tears filling her fnafic. Lester relaxes a little and wraps his arms around his beloved daughter. If this thing that you and Austin have austin and ally secretly dating fanfic you happy, then who am I to disturb it? I am mad, not just because you two are dating, but because you hid it from me so long.

And I forgive you," he says, before strolling my direction. Be careful with her fragile feelings. I smile a little while Ally blushes. She throws her arms around her dad and whispers 'I love you Daddy' in his ear. Lester smiles and walks out. Ally throws her hands around my neck and begins to cry once again. Like a huge weight has been lifted from my 'fragile' shoulders! I laugh with her.

Suddenly her face straightens and she goes back to looking miserable. I miss the sunny, always happy Ally that I fell in love with. I sigh and wrap my arms around her. I pull austin and ally secretly dating fanfic in for a quick, comforting kiss. We yank apart from each other and Ally starts chewing on her hair. Oh great, now what? I guess we just admit it, just like I did to my dad.

I'm still pretty surprised I got the guts to do that. Suddenly an idea hit me. It could happen, ohh. Trish raises an eyebrow, obviously recognizing the line from when we took revenge on Austin for reading my book. I nod slightly, urging him on. I begin to cringe, afraid of the wrath that could come from the short girl. I look at Austin and raise my eyebrows. He shrugs auston shoulders and wraps his arms around Trish.

I know exactly what he's trying to tell me. OH MY GOSH THAT'S SO COOL! Thus the 'exclaims' 1. I shake my head quickly. I think they may be ringing. You know, mine do that sometimes. It's really annoying to hear this little ''sound while someone's talking and you austin and ally secretly dating fanfic hear them because your head feels all jumbled-" I am interrupted. Although I wish they were, because you were talking again," she says sympathetically, placing her hand on my shoulder.

My mouth opens and I recoil. I turn my head towards him and look at him expectantly. He austin and ally secretly dating fanfic my eye and pulls out a small box. I wasn't so sure before because you were so unsettled and I figured we couldn't live a life together in secret, so I waited, and finally I can ask you the question I've wanted to ask you since 2years ago.

Austin & Ally - Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction - Parte 4 (EN)

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