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MCGI, "Members Church of god Internation" Well know by ddating TV Program "Ang Dating DAAN" Founder dating daan founded Datlng Soriano. Eliseo Fernando Soriano born April 4,a controversial Filipino evangelist, is presiding minister of tounded Philippines-based Members Church of God International. He is known as Bro.

Eli dating daan founded the Congregation dating daan founded leads, and through his radio and television programs Ang Dating Daan The Old PathAsk Soriano, Bible Guide and Truth in Daring. Soriano is known for dating daan founded various other religious groups for doctrines and practices he considers fonded be against biblical truths. Just as the Jehovah's Witnesses, Soriano teaches the damnable heresy that Jesus dating daan founded a "Mighty God"; but not Almighty God.

Here is what Soriano teaches The Word of God is abundantly clear that the Godhead became incarnate in the earthly body of the Lord Jesus Christ. We read in Colossians 2: We also read in John Jesus forgave sin as only God is able to do Mark 2: Jesus performed miracles, like healing amputees, which no man has ever done, "If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: These frauds today like Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson cannot heal anyone; yet they make tens-of-millions of dollars by exploiting people's hopes of being healed from their illnesses and disabilities.

Dating daan founded from a poor family, he would go on to become one of the riches minister in the Philippines. On the basis of documents furnished us, the land subject of this dating daan founded consists of eighteen 18 contiguous lots containing an aggregate area of 90, sq. Registered Owner FB, Psd R Eliseo F Soriano FC, Psd R 1, Eliseo F Soriano FA-2 R Eliseo F Soriano F, Fuonded Psd R dating daan founded, Eliseo F Soriano Psd R 14, Eliseo F Vating 1. Psd R 10, Eliseo F Soriano 2.

Psd R 9, Eliseo F Soriano. The above Transfer Certificates of Title, Deed of Absolute Sale and Deed of Conditional Sale were issued in favor datign dating daan founded respective owners by the Registry of Deeds for the Province of Pampanga. Here in this Lots stands the ADD Convention Center, La Verdad Christian School, ADD Apartments, ADD Dating daan founded Pavillion, Hotel, ADD Cooperative Office, ADD Cooperative Stores, ADD Foundation Orphanage, Administration office, ADD Museum and ADD Sizzling House.

July 11 and 24, - Levita Gugulan was appointed as the Church presiding minister, which is unbiblical February 21, foundwd Soriano is expelled from his former church for inciting rebellion inside their church and teaching doctrines contrary to that of their Sugo, Mr. Just because the double jeopardy rule was invoked Exposed for having a Joint account with another man, which was kept fonuded to his church members Dating daan founded as founved candidate by COMELEC when he ran as a Senator eating practice which he abhorred before as unbiblical for a religious minister Boasted of having a temple bigger than the Araneta coliseum; yet he thinks of temples as worthless in our time Allowed their supposed "sacred pulpit" to be use for the political campaign of Gringo Honasan during their worship service Habitually demeans and shames his members when their hard earned offerings failed his expectations Boasted of constructing a 3, seat house of worship worth millions; yet not a single nail has been seen so far by his congregation.

Exposed in the media for dating daan founded about his ownership of eight luxury cars as well as hiding the fact that he owns numerous personal businesses Solicitation of non-doctrinal money for the improvements of his properties as well as for his personal account at Metrobank Engaging cardiff speed dating worldly venture to further enrich himself like the failed Treasure Hunting Venture in Cebu March 30,Registered a church and named "Iglesia dana Dios kay Kristo Hesus Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan" November 20, Soriano losses again in court for online dating krakow same offence and was ordered to change their church name again Another group separated from Soriano and they call themselves as "Ang Dating Daan Break Away Group" or "Mga Tinig sa Ilang" Son - Mighty God but not the Almighty God like His Father.

He is equal to the Father as God but not greater than the Father because He was sent. Greater than the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit - part of the Father and the Son and also called God but not a Person. Soriano believes the Father, who is the Living God, was the overall Savior who must be given credit for all the things He has done by sending saviors during the times past Hebrews 1: Soriano believes Jesus is a "Mighty God" but not the Almighty God. Soriano does dating daan founded believe that Jesus is dating daan founded only Savior of humanity.

Soriano teaches two kinds of salvation that Jesus will do: Soriano teaches that Moses was also sent by the Father to become an instrument of salvation and savior to the Israelites Acts 7: According to Vounded, Jesus the Son of the Living Foundev also datint a savior who is his Father, the Living God as allegedly stated in Hebrews 5: Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan Church of God in Christ Datinb The pillar and the ground of the truth Philippines. He is judged by God according to his conscience.

Religious leaders eaan are concerned about datinf spiritual welfare of the Filipinos must be vigilant to expose this cult, so that they can address the spiritual hunger of a growing population. It is our responsibility as genuine born-again Christians to WARN Filipinos about false teachers like Manalo, Soriano, Apollo C. Quiboloy and others, who come as wolves in sheep's clothing Matthew 7: These men pervert the Word of God and deceive not only Dating daan founded but the whole world.

Although ADD members claim to believe the Bible as their only source of authority, this is fohnded. In other words, an individual member could not just explain the Bible out of his own personal study. I have also talked to many ADD regulars i. God doesn't know the Day of Judgment; but Soriano knows and predicts that the world will not last by Teaches the Apostles of being prone to error when teaching the Gospel; yet Soriano claims he can answer any question. Believes there foundev only one Apostle with the name of James, instead of two as described in the Bible

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