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Adam Kovic's Colonoscopy - WHAT IS A HIPPO CAMPUS? For the Win What a horribly shitty move. We should enjoy Halo 2 while we can. I think that Halo 2 for Vista might be cross-compatible with Halo 2 for X Box LIVE. They would need dedicated servers to host the PC players. I'm trying to double check that now. Also, why does anyone need more than one hundred friends? I don't even know that many people in real life! In reply to Strummer, 3: Nope, they ain't cross-compatible.

Didn't know there were dedicated servers for Halo2 Xbox. I thought it halk all hosted by the client with the best connection in the party. And really, couldn't they ask bungie to write 1 last quick update for halo 2 for an enhanced playlist? In reply to johnnyricoMC, 4: Yeah, that what I halo 2 matchmaking down. Thought that had something to do with cross-compatibility. Vague memories are doown best for facts! I miss Mister chief in the bungie weekly updates.

Mike FIRST Member Star s Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Feed Me Memes. Halo 2 does not have servers for hosting games, matchmaiing of it is player-hosted. That's why you get the blue screen and people who stand-by. I think this is false or might only be for stat collection. It also doesn't make any sense because if they did this, they would have to shut down servers for all of the other original Xbox games.

Maybe they're just stopping the matchmaking servers and the XBL service for halo 2 but just devised some bullshit reason. Wow, this is probably evan marc katz online dating tips most hilarious thing I've ever read concerning the rise of the all-in-one halo 2 matchmaking down. Look closely - They said Microsoft COULD shut halo 2 matchmaking down Halo 2's servers come ODST.

Nothing concrete is in that news entry. Who the hell needs more than friends anyway? In reply to milesprower, Its only a possibility right now. Hopefully, eventually, it will occur. But I don't anticipate it happening yet. Reach ships it would be a great idea. But Halo ODST is basically just Halo 3. I dont anticipate them shutting them down immediately as soon as it launches In reply to caboose, In reply to sage, I hardley encounter any cheaters now since there are only around people on Halo 2 a day.

I haven't played 22 2 on live. Too busy playing Halo 3. Makes me sad that It wont be there when I get bored. Microsoft has so much money. Can they just buy more servers? They could just do it on any dowj day. And most of them will. In reply to caboose, 1: So now that this has actually been confirmed as April 15th This is possibly one of the most retarded moves that Microsoft has managed to make. I mean they are computer geniuses, you think that they could make it work to upgrade matchjaking still keep the original xbox games working on live.

P Halo 2, you were fun to play with on-line while it lasted. Discarded FIRST Member Star s Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold. It's been several months since the Fall of Beacon, and the world marchmaking Remnant matchmking still recovering. Tensions are high, lives have been lost, and the members of Team RWBY Each of our heroines now faces a journey of their own.

While some must search inward if they ever hope to move on, others will venture out into the world in search doown answers. Alongside the remaining members of Team JNPR, Ruby Rose has halo 2 matchmaking down the long halo 2 matchmaking down to the kingdom of Mistral, but the road ahead is full of surprises. New friends and enemies await, while the threat of an even larger catastrophe draws near.

Fortunately, Beacon Academy is training Huntsmen halo 2 matchmaking down Huntresses to battle the evils of the world, and Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are ready for their first day of class. AH is here to get food poisoning right along with you. Join us in watching Thankskilling, a cinematic masterpiece about a murderous turkey.

The Documentary follows Achievement Hunter as it turns online gaming into a first-of-its-kind live event. The documentary not only explores why Let's Plays are so popular, but also how the convergence of gaming and community are redefining the stages once reserved for halo 2 matchmaking down the biggest of rock stars. Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter Funhaus ScrewAttack Game Attack The Know Cow Chop. Adam Kovic's Colonoscopy - 36 starting 1 hour from now Friday - Still Halo 2 matchmaking down 36 starting 1 hour from now Friday - For the Win starting 6 hours from now Friday - 5: Series Always Open Backwardz Compatible Barbara Vlogs Burnie Vlog Camp Camp Day 5 Fan Service Immersion Million Dollars, But On The Spot Red vs.

Blue Relationship Goals Rooster Teeth Podcast RT Animated Adventures RT Docs RT Life RT Podcast Let's Play RT Shorts RWBY RWBY Chibi The Lab The Slow Mo Guys See All Series. Live Stream Off Topic Starting halo 2 matchmaking down hour from now Death Battle Cast Starting 5 hours from now Dude Soup Starting 3 days from now RT Podcast Monday Starting 3 days from now CCTV Starting 3 days from now On The Spot Starting 5 days from now Coming Soon RWBY: Dashboard Groups Forums Popular Content.

Rooster Teeth Collection RWBY Collection RvB Collection Achievement Hunter Collection Funhaus Collection. LBCountry - 7 years ago Halo 2 had servers? I was under the impression it was all box-hosted.

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