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How to Hook Up a 20th Century Video Game to a 21st Century TV

If you've just dug your old videogame system out of the attic, you might not remember exactly how to connect it. They're not quite like modern xtari systems, and may require something extra to connect it to that brand new TV you have. To the left is the atari 2600 hook up you should see attached to your videogame system.

It is typically called RCA, and you will have to use some sort of adapter before you connect it to your Atadi. While it looks like it should fit into one of the atari 2600 hook up jacks and it will actually fitthat will not work because the audio and video signals are being carried in the same cable. In stari to use the composite jacks on your TV, you will have to separate the audio and video signals somehow described below. The following instructions are relevant to most vintage videogame and computer systems that connect to a television.

Specifically, the Atari, and However, if you have the 4-port four joystick ports version of theyou need a special switchbox. Try eBay or Best Electronics catalog item for this proprietary switchbox. If you have the 2-port version of theyou can use the methods described below. Coaxial Composite The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of connection you're going to make. Look atari 2600 hook up the back of your TV and compare to the pictures to the left.

It's much easier to connect to a atri jack, and this is what most people will do. Composite will give you better audio and video quality, but you must perform a hardware modification. Coaxial F-type to Female RCA Adapter Radio Shack part Coaxial is by far the easiest way to connect your old game system, hp the method most people will use.

This is the 'cable ready' input that is found on every TV made today and for some time now. If you don't at least have this connection, you have our sympathy. There are several methods you can use for this connection. The best way is to get a Coaxial to RCA adapter left. It is called a "Gold-Plated Atarri Adapter" book the Radio Shack part number 2060 Just connect it to the RCA cable of the game system, then plug the other end into the coaxial "cable" stari on the TV.

Set the TV to the channel that the taari system is set to usuallyand your're ready. Some TV switchboxes have built-in coaxial output, some do not. If you you do have coaxial output on your switchbox, just plug the game system's RCA cable into the switchbox, connect the switchbox to your TV's coaxial "Cable In" jack, and push the switch to "Game" or "Computer". Note - you cannot use the 'automatic switching' boxes that newer game systems like the NES use - the signal in most old systems is not strong enough to trigger the automatic switching, so be sure you buy a manual switchbox.

Hoook recomend a coaxial selector - atrai will allow you to choose between inputs game, cable, whataver hooj the touch of a button. Composite Any way you slice it, generating composite output takes more work. How much more depends upon exactly what you want to do. To get true composite signals, you will need to be handy with a soldering iron and modify your Atari internally.

If you've never soldered anything before, it might be a little tricky, but it's worth it for the clean signals! You may also notice that modern equipment has left and right audio jacks - this is for stereo sound, but you can't get stereo sound from your unless you make further hardware modifications. So if you make the mod, you'll just have one audio cable in use. Now if you don't want to do that, but you're using a monitor or tv without a coaxial input for example, a Commodore monitorthere are other options.

You will still have to convert the signal to coaxial first see Coaxial section. Then, if you have a VCR handy, you can run the atari 2600 hook up connection into the VCR, and then use the composite outputs from the VCR. If you don't have an extra VCR for this, you can probably go buy a junker at the local thrift store - the tape mechanism doesn't need to work, just the demodulator.

Demodulator's rarely go bad on VCR's, they're usually thrown out because holk atari 2600 hook up tape uo. Speaking of demodulators, beste dating plattform schweiz can simply use one of these instead of taking up all that space with a VCR. AtariAge Home Lynx Jaguar. Forums Forum Home Blogs Gallery Map Subscriptions. Store Store Home New Products Bestsellers Trade Your Games Gift Certificates.

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How to Hook Up Your Atari 2600 to a TV

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