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Who needs that much hair anyways? Gi Tae marriaeg behind Jang Mi. He calls her name and she turns to look at him. Magriage, both start to say something. They both tell the other person to go first. Gi Tae smiles and tells Marriage not dating ep 12 preview Mi to go first. He reminds her that she thought that way as well but she tells him that was the only way for her to protect herself.

She proposes that they get married but Gi Tae just scoffs. Gi Tae asks if she really had to go this far. She has everything already, what else does she want? Se Ah cries and turns around to leave. Jang Mi tries to call after her but mom previea stalks off. Gi Tae tries to get a hold of Jang Mi. She finally answers marriage not dating ep 12 preview apologizes for ruining everything. Jang Mi runs after mxrriage mom. Jang Mi gets down datinf her knees and apologizes. Grandma thinks that mom saw wrong but Jang Mi can only apologize as tears stream down her face.

Mom lifts it up and the weight causes her to fall over. Mom just gets back up and drags the quilt out. Outside, Jang Mi tries to get her mom to give her the quilt. Mom gets angry and throws the quilt at him. Gi Tae tries to explain but mom has already walked off. Did she embarrass her? Mom thinks that Jang Previee has fooled even him. He realizes that mom saw Jang Mi with Yeo Reum and says that that was just a momentary bump and then he gets defensive.

That little outburst earns him a slap from mom who tells him to leave. She tries to hide her phone but dad grabs the phone from her and yells at Gi Tae. How dare he play around with his daughter? He tells Gi Tae to stay where he is since he is going to kill him tonight. Dad grabs prefiew baseball bat and heads for the door but Jang Mi holds him back. She asked him to keep up with the charade because mom and dad liked him so much. Dad tries to console her and mom cries as she listens to all this.

At the abortion clinic, Hyun Hee goes in for the procedure while Hoon Dong waits outside. Jarriage at his house, Hoon Dong gets kicked out, wearing only his boxers again. Jang Mi tries to apologize but mom says that she understands, this is their fault. How much Jang Mi must have wanted to see her parents get along to go this far? Hoon Dong thinks that Yeo Reum is talking about him and the whole scene plays out like datinf are breaking up.

Jang Mi also gets fired from the department store after her fight with the mistress. Back in the marriage not dating ep 12 preview, Hyun Hee has resigned and Hoon Dong is offering to take all of her now ex-colleagues out for a meal. Hoon Dong sees Jang Mi leaving with her shoulders drooping so he follows her outside. Jang Mi tells 112 that the elders caught them. She starts tearing up so Hoon Dong reminds her that she still has Yeo Reum.

Hoon Dong says that the one who is probably crying is Gi Tae since he really likes her. Hoon Dong realizes that Jang Mi really likes Gi Tae. Jang Mi finds out that Yeo Reum quit working at the restaurant and then the two of them jut cry their eyes out as they share previeq misfortunes with each other. I want to spend all my money on myself! Gi Tae keeps trying to call Jang Mi but she continues to reject his calls.

After work, Gi Tae gloomily walks home and finds Jang Mi waiting for him outside his apartment building. Especially since she used to go in and out of his apartment as if it were hers. He smiles and invites her in. When you wanted to be alone I should have let you be by yourself. If I preivew return things to the way they were before, I would marriage not dating ep 12 preview everything. How could you just think about yourself in this situation?

And in front of her, I was in the arms of Han Yeo Reum. Do you get it now, what we have done? Gi Tae wants to go inside and talk but Jang Mi tells him that his wish to be alone has come true. This mwrriage too familiar for Jang Mi, who thinks back to when they left her alone when she was 5 years old. She goes to bed and marriave roll down her face.

Gi Tae also sits alone in his dark apartment looking pretty dejected. Grandma and aunt tsks tsks him and leaves while Mom tells dad to sleep at home rp the time being, until everything settles down. Previed Tae enters his empty apartment. He goes to the jjimjilbang and runs into Hoon Dong. Hoon Dong tells Gi Tae about getting kicked out of his house and that after using his savings to buy a newlywed house; his bank account is in the negative region.

LOL marriage not dating ep 12 preview a good friend. Hoon Dong invites Gi Tae to the wedding and Gi Tae asks if Jang Mi will be going. Hyun Hee also invites Jang Mi to the wedding, and she gets the same question, datong Gi Tae be there? Jang Previww goes home and looks through her closet for an outfit to wear. Gi Tae had said that it would 21 awkward for him if he went so Hoon Dong told him not to go.

Gi Tae arrives at the wedding, which is taking place near the Han River, and looks around for Jang Mi. Marriage not dating ep 12 preview Tae goes to grab a fluorescent blue drink and runs into Se Ah but he just ignores her and walks off. The use of music here is wonderful. Before Gi Tae can get any closer, the bride and groom walk in between them and the wedding ceremony takes place. Jang Mi and Gi Tae just watch with smiles on their faces. Se Ah tells Jang Mi that she has been next to Gi Tae for the past 10 years and during all this time; she has been too considerate of him.

Who do you think spread such absurd rumors? What kind of bullshit is it that sincerity will make its way through? Wanting to be happy and wanting to receive love…everyone wants that sincerely. Gi Tae has seen this exchange take place so when Jang Mi leaves; he goes after her and calls her ppreview. OMG just say previiew Gi Tae tells Jang Mi to say what she wants to first.

Nooooo, this is going to be bad. In her head, Jang Mi is dying to tell him that she missed him and nit she wanted to see him but then she closes her eyes and says this:. To just pointlessly lessen the guilt will only bring her marriabe more pain. I…I am asking you if it is mot okay for me to go to Kang Se Ah? There are tears in their eyes and Gi Tae looks like someone just broke his heart. Well, marriage not dating ep 12 preview kind of just did. When Gi Tae sees Se Ah walking out, he goes and grabs her wrist!

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