Hydrant hookup

Fire hydrant hookup

Drill of the Week: Hydrant Hook-up

By Forest ReederAn effective hydrant hookup company establishes a positive water source as soon as possible on the fire scene. In many situations, initial attack operations may hydrant hookup be delayed until this can be completed. Working off tank water from the engine company does not allow for additional lines or back-up support of the hydrant hookup company. Establishing a positive water source from a hydrant, like any skill, takes practice. Review the content of your hydrant bag, kit, or other locally developed tool and appliance system.

If you have multiple types of hydrants or special procedures for operating hookul hydrants in your community, be sure to review the SOP that governs hopkup operations. Stay up to date on everything FireEngineering. Click the buttons below to learn more about how to subscribe. Drill of the Week: Already a member of the Fire Engineering Training Network?

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Business uses fire hydrant to get water

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