Corey wayne hang out have fun & hook up

Hangout, Have Fun & Hook Up!

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Slats7 View Profile View Forum Posts. Coach Corey Wayne https: I highly recommend watching his YouTube videos. The videos have helped me a lot after my recent breakup. Make the NOW the primary corey wayne hang out have fun & hook up of your life. Coolman View Profile View Forum Posts. O yea I watched him a lot last year after this girl online dating site grinder me for my "friend".

He helped me a lot. I know have an even better girlfriend of 8 months and I'm doing what corey wayne preaches and it's going fantastic. He's got heaps of videos on a range of topics. Hopefully it helps you out too. Polaris View Profile View Forum Posts. KMadigan View Profile View Forum Posts. Lone Wolf - No Crew. GothOmelete View Profile View Forum Posts. A lot of his advice actually helped me. Chris2far View Profile View Forum Posts.

Watch his vids everyday srs. You went full retard man. Never go full retard. I listen to him in the car daily, some of the videos I have listened to dozens of times. When I feel a bit anxious and need some reassurance that I am doing the right thing NC etc, and "if you change your mind give me a call and walk and never look back" - that really works btw I listen to him and I feel stronger again. I like the "relationship curveballs" video especially, I am like the first guy in that video whose GF just freaked out for no apparent reason.

I agree with almost every thing CCW says. A couple of things I am not so sure about though: He says don't contact the girl for a few days after the first date. I reckon that most girls will think you are not interested if you don't get back to them the following day or even intimate that you'd like to see them again at the end of the first date. I could be wrong though, but that is my [limited] experience based on girls in the UK where I live. CCW always talks from a standpoint that it is the guy being weak and needy that is the root of almost all relationship issues.

I am not so sure about that - again I am no expert but in nearly all the videos he is talking about weak and needy men blowing the opportunity. Many women nowadays think they are princesses with a set of expectations to match that men can never meet. Not sure if everyone in this thread is a shill for this guy Gurgy View Profile View Forum Posts. I watched a ton of his videos during some rough times.

He goes against the no contact that the misc RH preaches, and says to tell them "hit me up if they ever change their mind". Which a lot of guys probably cling to, just like the ex's always come back thread. But overall he's seems to corey wayne hang out have fun & hook up spot on regarding how to keep them attracted. ElixanderVild1 View Profile View Forum Posts. Is he a PUA Instrutor? Maatkarah View Profile View Forum Posts.

Simple minds need simple answers. He's at the mild end of PUA instruction, he coaches mainly men but some women also. AlexDominico View Profile View Forum Posts. I'd say best thing is try to be yourself minus the beta stuff with a girl but if the responses you are getting back dont look positive such as rejecting your dates, or not getting back to you then implement coach wayne for sure. Jdaddynowison View Profile View Forum Posts.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!!!!!

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