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So no dating for "socially awkward" guys? I just saw a question on yahoo answers dating sites socially awkward women if they would date a guy who is "nerdy and socially awkward. A beta male is the average guy. Dating sites socially awkward nerdy, socially awkward guy is at the bottom of the totem pole. He's not a beta, he's an omega. No, I would probably not date an omega male. There's usually a reason why guys like that don't score with women.

Many of them have emotional or mental issues. Socially awkward people tend to have other personal and emotional issues that they need to deal with before they are ready to enter relationships and drag others into misery with them. And I say this after having tried to help more than a few socially awkward people by trying to befriend them. It simply doesn't work. All it does is bring you closer to depression yourself by trying to deal with such people.

They're called "socially awkward" for a reason, they are not capable of forming healthy relationships, even if they want to. I'd totally date a nerd though. Most likely I have sone issue like Aspergers or something like that. So then what about me? I don't deserve to have a girlfriend ever? If that's how it is then I wish I could stop EVERYBODY from dating so that I can make things fair and even.

Dating sites socially awkward I can't enjoy it then dating sites socially awkward should anybody else? What were you in therapy for? The social anxiety or other things? Why do you think you are socially anxious? What happens when your outside in a social setting? Are there certain people who you feel more anxious over or is it pretty much most people in general? Unfortunately, when it comes to meeting women you have Others can correct me, but that's the number I remember.

Which means you have to convey what they're looking for. In general, women are looking for confidence and health traits common to an "alpha" male. Those of us who are socially awkward don't tend to exhibit these traits so before you even open your mouth to talk to them, most women have already decided that the socially awkward aren't worth their time. That said, since we've brought up the whole alpha, beta nonsense, let those alphas and betas struggle.

Alphas don't, in general, form lasting relationships and betas are too busy trying to on-up the alphas to take over their position. Instead, strive to be a gamma, these are the unique individuals that don't play the game and are genuinely nice people. Then the issue is finding a woman who is done playing the games, tired of getting cheated on by alphas and betas and sick of not being treated well.

That's where you'll step in and form a long and fulfilling relationship. Hang in there, women usually come around after time. BlueEyedMamaprefabsprouts4ndm4nShadixTrippin2. Other comments from the same site, when putting "nerdy socially awkward man" into the search came up with these amongst others: I, and a lot of my friends, prefer nerdy guys for a few reasons: I don't think anyone wants a relationship with a "stupid person". I personally kinda like shy and nerdy guys, but I also like a guy who is confident.

Really, it's all different, and I definetly don't really think about the genes" "I have found that most women will give nerdy men the chance if they have sex appeal, attractiveness and confidence. Some women actually prefer nerdy men, but as you can tell, these women aren't too common or found almost everywhere. Unfortunately, most nerds are introverted, socially awkward, unattractive, dislike partying or going out, which puts many young and hot women off.

Party girls are usually airheads that are extremely shallow and care very little about intelligence or substance in a man. They only care about attractiveness, and the stereotypical nerd isn't dubbed as the most attractive man on earth. My boyfriend is extremely nerdy, introverted and shy. Despite being extremely nerdy by his likes and interests, he is very attractive and sexy. A beautiful woman who has class might actually, surprise surprise, want to date a man with brains.

This might come as a shock to you, but there are some attractive women who actually enjoy the company of men who have an interesting world view and professional success. Yes, they might have a bald spot, or say, thick glasses. Dating sites socially awkward might also not have ripped pectoral muscles. But you know what? They have something interesting to say, and something worthwhile to contribute to the world. They also, God forbid, might be men who are ethical and God-fearing, and loyal to their wives and mothers.

That is why you see attractive women with dorks. Trust dating sites socially awkward, it is not about the money. But that's just me. To me nerdy is smart and shy. I am not interested in star wars, but I play games on nintendo and the internet. My husband likes star wars. Every female will have their likes dislikes but it doesn't mean you have to have the same interests as they do and you can still be compatible. I actually prefer them as a matter of fact! As long as you take care of yourself so that you look and smell good to a women, there is no reason for them not to like you.

Nerdy men are usually very good and faithful in relationships, which tends to make women feel secure. Haha Just depends on your dating sites socially awkward really. You can find plenty on there to either work against, or for, your own prejudices and assumptions. All of your posts treat women dating sites socially awkward the same - we're individuals, just like men.

Each person has different criteria for what they find attractive. Dating lebanese men are also plenty of socially dating sites socially awkward women who have the same frustrations that you do. I don't dating sites socially awkward anyone considers bitterness to be an attractive trait though.

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