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News Matches Results Events. Remember hawaii matchmaking Forgot maximum matchmaking ping. Thread has been deleted. First i tought i got caught a virus, but then my ping would be high at maxximum server too Btw sometimes ping drop on 70 or smth. Are you stupid or didn't you read what he said?

His neighbor has a good ping with another internet provider. Seems like there is more of a chance that the routing is bad for maximum matchmaking ping host to MM servers. Changing ISP is the only option. Everyone replied to this thread since someone re-posted on it 1st but matchjaking maximum matchmaking ping me who did it. LOL MM rating doesnt mean a fuck.

Try esea or other gather service GLHF. D yesterday, my ping was ok maximum matchmaking ping 50ms. I just start to have the same fucking problem! I just can't find out why! Yea sometimes I get high ping on MM too. Also recently people get disconnected very often like half of the team gets disconnected at the exact same time so there is definitely something wrong with the servers. Chances are radiometric dating evolution friends ISP has better connection to server or maybe they host the server.

I played a mm game 10 minutes a go and I somehow had stable over ping mwtchmaking my friends had 50 ping or lower. All of us are from Finland so there shouldn't be such a maximum matchmaking ping difference as there was and I have maximum matchmaking ping had this kind lag before. We lost the match and right after it I went to a community server without restarting CSGO to check on my ping and I had under 20ping there with no lag what so ever xD.

I tried restarting my game during the MM to fix the lag issue but it didn't make a difference. Has anyone else of you experienced something like this on valve's matchmaking? I'm playing right now pign my ping is currently ms I'm having problems with loss and choke. Is that related to the ping issues? Gfinity 3 - Day 1. RECENT ACTIVITY Brazillians Matcumaking here 18 Boltz 32 PORTUGAL COME HERE 56 most ugly players 27 FLIPSID3 WTF maximmu EMINEM 10 HellRaisers vs FlipSid3 CSGO Reddit vs HLTV 4 GTR NEW Pijg

CS:GO max acceptable matchmaking ping error message FIX!

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