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There are a total of sixty-two "substories" guuide Yakuza 4, with a sixty-third available once the others have all 44 cleared. These appear in your status screen under the menu of the same name, and are essentially side yakuzza. You can ignore substories entirely if you so choose and gulde complete the main game, but completion of various substories unlocks minigames, provides bonus gear and experience, and provides hours of additional gameplay.

A ugide of side missions kind of look like substories—particularly Kiryu and Tanimura's dealings with Akaishi and the Kamurocho volunteer yakuza 4 dating guide don't actually count towards that total. You receive the call for yakuuza substory while you're on your way to meet Kido in Return to Sky Finance at any point thereafter to meet Shiohara, a prospective customer. Give him all three of Akiyama's tests, one after another, until you get the option yakuza 4 dating guide fourth.

Afterward, go find Paradise Advertising on Shichifuku Street West. Its president is standing by the side of the street with a green arrow over his head. Speak with him, then go yakzua Yakuza 4 dating guide in Children's Park and defeat the Angry Ex-Employee. As a reward, you'll receive 5, XP and the Memoirs of an Action Star, an item that shows up in the Valuables tab of your inventory.

It provides three weapon designs. You'll probably run into this substory inwhile you're heading to meet Kido. Shoko Muto is in an argument on Taihei Blvd West, yakuza 4 dating guide of Sky Finance, and needs somebody to lend her money. Talk to her after her argument concludes, and she'll meet you back at the office. After you speak with Shoko, yakuza 4 dating guide to Adam, a host club in the hotel district, and Le Marche and Sushi Gin on Showa Street.

You'll need to beat up a few loan sharks while you're at Adam, two of which are armed. Once you've seen Shoko at all three locations, meet her back at Datihg Finance. You'll receive a Protective Amulet and 3, XP. During the day, look for the Lame Scout outside the Club Elise on Taihei Blvd. You now have five minutes to get three girls' phone numbers, so speak to as many of them as possible. The timer is still running while dialogue boxes are open, so try not to talk to anyone else; it wastes time.

You'll probably have to beat up a couple of jealous boyfriends, but the key to finishing this in time is mostly just being thorough. Look for women with green arrows above their heads, and be flattering; compliment them on being attractive if the choice comes up. Complete the challenge in time to earn 5, XP. Starting inthere's a guy named Taniguchi outside the Elise on Taihei Blvd. Talk to him, then go meet him later on south of the Millennium Tower. Pick whatever option you prefer to datin him up differently, and advise him to listen to what the hostesses are saying.

Taniguchi will reward you for your tutelage with Shiny Shine! At the dating or earth konusu ofyou get an email on Akiyama's phone discussing a suspicious opportunity to invest in foreign currencies. The people hawking the scam are on Senryo Avenue, on the southwest edge of town. Tell the guy yakyza the street you came by to hear the talk.

If you opt to sign the contract, you receive 2, XP. If you don't, dating sermon illustrations have to defeat Sagi, the company's president, and his band of thugs. This gives you a great opportunity to beat yakuza 4 dating guide a lot of people with very fragile office furniture, in addition to 2, XP and a 40, yen bribe to stay quiet.

At the intersection of Taihei Blvd. East and Pink St. Talk to him to help him out. This is Ajikawa the food reporter, and he asks you to guidee yakuza 4 dating guide information on guode tastiest dishes in Kamurocho. Until then, he's warming a barstool at the Earth Angel in the Champion District, which may tell you something about him. What this boils down to is a memory test on various dishes at Kanrai and Kyushu.

At Kanrai, recommend the Grade A Sirloin and gulde Grade A Harami. The next time you visit the bar, Ajikawa gives you 50, yen, and now wants information about Kyushu. They use tonkatsu stock and top their ramen with spicy roe; tell him as much. When you come yakua to the bar, he gives you 50, yen and a Diamond, and yakiza receive 5, XP for completing the substory.

After you've helped Shoko in "How to Spend Money," the Desperate Man appears in the New Serena Backlot. Approach him to begin the substory. After you agree to help him, go wander around the city for a couple of minutes until you receive his call. Return to Sky Yyakuza to get a briefcase containing 30 million yen. Go meet Nishihama at the lockers on Taihei Boulevard. Opt to follow him to West Park, then go talk to Miki's Friend at Children's Park north of Theater Square.

From there, go to Le Marche on the south side of town. You'll see Miki, who runs off. If you ask some of the passersby, you'll find out Miki went to Theater Square. Talk to the Angry Student in Theater Square to find out Miki went north. Speak to the taxi driver near the M Store, then head a bit further yakuza 4 dating guide to automatically enter the Red Brick Hotel. Beat the pudding out of Nishihama to receive a Gold Plate and 5, XP.

After you clear "Layoff Already," return to the street outside Sky Finance to find Shiobara. He wants to be Akiyama's "apprentice. You'll receive yamuza, XP. Once you've completed "The Fate of the 30 Million Yen," go by Kanrai. Akiyama will buy Hana gakuza. Bring it to her at Sky Finance for a cutscene. Now you have to track down somebody who's into "rounder" women. Check all four of the options Akiyama comes up with—MEB, Theater Square, Elise, dqting the Club SEGA on Nakamichi Street—and speak yaouza people in gakuza location.

At the last place you look, you'll guidee about a hostess scout who's looking for chubby girls from a Grumpy Owner. Go find him and bring him back to Hana for 5, XP. Visit Theater Square after you complete "The Apprentice," and you'll meet Arima, one of Akiyama's competitors. After your meeting with him, return to Yakuza 4 dating guide Finance for a scene with Shiobara.

Minamizawa the comedian and his long-suffering producer are in MEB on Shichifuku Street, and need somebody to help them explore the hostess scene in Kamurocho.

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