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Smurf accounts ruining matchmaking for everyone

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Dear Blizzard, Overwatch in its current matchmaking smurfs rips me of all joy. I rarely get as frustrated with a game as I do when matchmaking smurfs Quick play in Overwatch. This is due to me being swamped with games with lvl 12 Genjis that are obvious smurfs, and gold weapon pro Windowmakers and Hanzos that headshot me from across the map. My state of matchmaking smurfs when playing quick play is "I'm just here to warm up, practice matchmaking smurfs and learn" maybe even to "git gud".

I get frustrated and I exit the game. I enjoy playing Competitive but I but I see myself getting fewer and fewer matches due to being worn out even before I'm done warming up. This season I have peaked matchmaking smurfs rating and I have been playing shooters since Wolfenstein. With millions of players I feel I safely can assume that others feel this way too.

Matchmaking smurfs matchmaking system that allows the pros to "feed" on us lowly scrubs can not be your intention? My humble request is that you adjust the matchmaking system and take some action against the smurfs. Please make Overwatch great again! Thank you for your time! Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation.

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