Naruto dating kurenai fanfiction

Naruto dating kurenai fanfiction

The night was still dominant. From this darkness, a lone figure walked across a path. The said figure was walking, then, stopped… In front of him was a woman in her early twenties as he thought. He was facing her back from there he could see her messy shoulder-length black hair; she was wearing naruto dating kurenai fanfiction purple yukata. The said figure watched the woman. He saw the sight of her enticing ruby eyes, and once again, she stopped only to reveal a part of her face.

Naruto, on the other hand, couldn't register who the woman was…. Care to notice, our team is still waiting for our sensei just like them. He had the urge to whack his naruto dating kurenai fanfiction off his senses while Hinata just giggled. The said dog-user just focused himself to reply. Naruto chuckled at his friend. Naruto dating kurenai fanfiction, too, have been waiting for our sensei!

Naruto chuckled once again. Kiba and Hinata looked at him as if he'd gone crazy. They watched him form a tiger seal and said; "Kai" and soon a blur from the wall came. Team 8, rather Kiba and Hinata, looked at their Jounin Sensei with surprised looks in their faces. Meanwhile, everyone's eyes averted to the door which was starting to open and soon there was a tall, silver-haired, half-masked, male Jounin.

Naruto chuckled… then he started to laugh, hysterically. Kurenai being the calm naruto dating kurenai fanfiction collected as she is, she too couldn't help but to laugh with Naruto. They reached outside of the academy with their hitai-ates on. Hinata wore her hitai-ate like a necklace while Kiba wore his on his forehead and Naruto, his was different he tied it on his left arm, making some of his bangs fall down. Kurenai looked at her students from Kiba to Hinata and then to Naruto.

The said woman was leaning against a tree. She watched her first students with a sigh. Not knowing why, she felt nervous over something. As if sensing Kurenai's distress, Naruto asked. Kurenai smiled inwardly at this. I like karaoke, comic books, and nice people. I also like to study various genjutsus known in the shinobi world. I dislike arrogant people who look down on others. I also dislike perverts.

My hobby aside from reading comic books and cook books is painting. My dream for now is to make naruto dating kurenai fanfiction that the three of you will be promoted into a Chuunin rank. Kiba and Naruto looked at their female team mate who was in the process of looking at the ground and fidgeting both of her index fingers.

My hobby is cooking. My dream is to… make a difference in my clan. The name's Inuzuka Kiba. I like my pet casual dating tipps best friend, Akamaru, I also like our team and to train. I dislike Sasuke's annoying fan-girls! My hobbies are to hang-out with my friends and to play with Akamaru. My dream is to become my clan's leader someday. I like my Nii-chan, Sandaime-jiji, and Aye-… He stopped for a moment and continued …nice people, who acknowledge me for who I am.

I like ramen and I also like to train. I dislike the long wait for my ramen to be cooked be it just minutes or seconds I still dislike it. I also dislike arrogant people who look down on others as if they are weak. My hobby is to enjoy every ramen known to man! My dream is to become a Hokage and to surpass every one of them. Kurenai looked at her students once again and smiled. Kurenai smiled again; her smile for now will be mistaken as a grin.

Naruto looked rather plain as if he had expected this. After all he had lived with Kakashi who always taught him 'a handful of things'. Not even Kiba with his dog or Hinata with her Byakugan had sensed me. You've passed an unofficial test. Naruto couldn't help but to blush at her praise. He was, once again, on his sheepish grin and scratching the back of his head just like yesterday at Ichiraku's. Kurenai looked at him and giggled audible enough for him to hear.

Naruto immediately looked up and saw her rather amusing look on her face. It's not like you get to see 'the' Yuuhi Kurenai, naruto dating kurenai fanfiction called 'the ice queen' for her deadly demeanor, known for being calm and collected at all times, giggle around. And today was one of Naruto's lucky days. He was able to see the real Kurenai, the one he adored so much. He started to like her because of her wine-red eyes, somewhat making him entranced. It made him feel something he couldn't even explain.

She stood there watching her student's retreating back. Training ground number 19 was something Kiba would say 'comfortable'. There was a clearing in the middle, obviously for training or sparring purposes, while it was surrounded by several trees since they were almost at the edge of the forest. From their spot, they could see a waterfall that was connected with a lake. Surely enough this was 'comfortable'. Three genins sat on a log while waiting for ithaca gay dating site sensei.

Naruto shook his head this time. When the clock stroke 9 o'clock, a kunai came darting in which Naruto caught with ease. Team 8 looked at their sensei, who was walking towards a tree stump and placed an alarm clock which was set on 12 o'clock noon. Get this to me before your time run out. Near up to the trees, three genins were hiding from their sensei. Once they were finished, the boy with dating a raver fury coat jumped down.

Looking ever so confident, Kiba stood 10 meters away from Kurenai along with his dog, Akamaru who was in his jacket. Kiba, acting so cocky, placed his dog Akamaru on the ground. Kurenai could only sigh at this. Naruto dating kurenai fanfiction are the other two? She saw Akamaru turned into an exact replica of Kiba while the real Kiba shouted. Kurenai quickly sidestepped away. She cursed herself at how the Inuzuka's were quite good whenever they fight with their dogs.

Kurenai quickly jumped when the real Kiba charged at her way. But her luck was not on this day. In mid air, Kurenai was still struggling with both Kiba's and Akamaru's attacks. She tried to turn, but, she only came face to face with a white blur. Kurenai felt some of her tenketsus were being closed, causing her unable to move in mid air. She could see herself falling and her opponents gone at least that's what she thought until she heard someone shouted.

Kurenai looked at her jailer, Naruto; who was being accompanied by Kiba; who was placing Akamaru in his jacket, and Hinata; who was holding the bells.

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