Dating a promiscuous girl

Do women seriously expect men to look past or overlook a promiscuous past?

So Your Girlfriend Used To Sleep Around… What To Do Now?

Journals Recent Entries Best Entries Best Journals Journal List Search Journals. Community Links Members List. Thoughts on dating a girl with a promiscuous past. Ok, so you meet a girl who has a lot going for her, and you have great chemistry Constant laughing, great sex, connect trashy dating profiles many levels. Now during some of these laugh sessions, she slips up and starts telling stories about random sexual encounters.

Sleeping with her doctor, a guy from the gym, a guy she DIDNT like from online dating at the park after dinner, a customer that came into her store, etc. And she has no problem dating a promiscuous girl it was just "casual fun". Sort of like she was dating a promiscuous girl just a FWB with random guys that hit on her. So my question for the ladies here would be, is this pretty much common behavior amongst a lot of single women, except they do not talk about it?

And my question for the guys would be, would this bother you? Could you trust a girl who was promiscuous? Do you feel your girl is kind of lying when she says she only had a few partners? Does it not make any difference? As for me when I am with her things are fine But having hearing her stories it does make me wonder what she is doing when I am not with her. Share Share this post on Digg Del. I think there is still a stigma for women to be like this openly.

Some probably do hide it. I've experienced two type of women that have been promiscuous and told me. The type of woman that is open about it but doesn't discuss situations in detail with you. I am fine with this type of woman. I have dated a girl that tripled my 'count', but she was adamantly clear how much she liked me and never described her other encounters. As such, I never experienced jealousy. The type of woman that does what your girl did. I have experienced this, and I have a hard time getting past it.

Because everything becomes a comparison of what she did with others to what she did with you. Plus, it's plain unattractive to know someone else could get what you have so easily. Also, keep in mind that describing your sexual past may upset women in the same way. Being respectful is always a good thing. Mystique01 and LoveMachine67 like this. Not even a kiss. I couldn't, because I know that once I broke that bond of fidelity, I'd HAVE to tell the other person, I've always struggled to imagine how people keep it to themselves and hide it, because once I did it I know I'd be so torn up with guilt I'd have to confess.

So, I just wouldn't cheat. Because I would expect someone I cheated on to leave me in an instant like I would them. So cheating for me would mean the end of the relationship Once I'm in a relationship, I'm very committed. I've only ever left one relationship and that was after four years of trying to make it work. The rest of the dating a promiscuous girl I've usually been the one left, as once Dating a promiscuous girl with someone and in love it takes a lot for me to change my mind.

Sexual promiscuity while single has nothing to do with fidelity while in a relationship. In dating a promiscuous girl I've anecdotally known more people cheat because they haven't played the field and wonder what they're missing out on, than I have promiscuous people keep on sleeping around while in a relationship.

At least when you've slept around a tonne you know what's out there, so there's less risk of wanting to stray out of sheer curiosity. If a guy I meet doesn't want to date me because I've slept around then that's totally his choice and doesn't bother me. But to presume I will cheat because I've been promiscuous would be so far off the mark. For the record I'm the type of girl that is as open with a partner as he wants me to be.

I'd never lie about my past or 'number' if asked, but wouldn't shove the details in his face dating a promiscuous girl he wanted to know enough that he specifically asked. Radarthecrucible and 4 others like this. Are you deadelvis with a new profile name?? To answer your question, i fail to see what does a promiscous past got to do with being faithful in a relationship. Single golfers dating years ago i was in a ltr.

My count was a lot higher than of my partner. I also dated a guy some time ago who coaxed things out of me about my past then called me a reformed slut when he was drunk. He had a massive madonna-whore complex. There are guys who dont want to know No, i have never had sex dating a promiscuous girl someone in the park after a first date but i think i can see where this thread is going.

Think this also depends on what your plans are for this relationship. Is this going to be a long term dating a promiscuous girl or are you just dating for fun? What are her expectations. I'm in a similar position and in a LTR with a woman with a promiscuous past. When we made the decision to move in and work towards getting engaged we discussed our mutual pasts. So we both for the most part know the basics, just not the specifics and mechanics of our past. But based on her family experience and some of her traumas, it did not surprise me that she was promiscuous.

Nor was she surprised to hear about my past in light of what happened to me. When my GF did have a relapse into her old behavior a few years ago before we met, I made sure that I understood what happened. Plus she knows what drove me to relapse into unhealthy dating patterns last year. We keep each other in check. Biggest thing is to talk about it. But it is tough, think it dating a promiscuous girl tougher for men to get over a partners past than it is for women.

My number is in the triple digits and hers is under 15 for the past 20 years I don't bother keeping score of what she did before her first marriage. But the fact that of the 15 happened in a three month period still bugs me a little. Originally Posted by DrReplyInRhymes. ASGMissBeeGrumpybutfun and 9 others like this. I don't find her behaviour that strange, but I do find it strange that she would go into such detail about it. THAT is the part that would concern me. What did she hope to gain by telling you all of that stuff i wonder?

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