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We had an issue and thought it wasnt working, but they came over to diagnose and it was just the particles in the water that caused build up. Meaning the softener was doing its part of the job, but with new construction around the area, other particles are bound vrove get in the water. They assured us this would diminish as the construction dies down. Other than that, we just have to really be good and wiping up after so those particles dont build up. They are WAY easier to clean than wateer water!!.

As prior reviews mentioned their service is outstanding. Install was done even earlier than expected. Calvin knows his craft. Quick to answer and full of knowledge. I did SO much research. Initially i was going to buy a softener online, and have a nearby plumber install. However i came to the realization of a few things: Water is an ESSENTIAL resource.

THUS why would i have a plumber that doesnt know the product well? If im going to spend a chunk of change on a product online, why not also pay a good price for someone that KNOWS the product to install it? Wouldnt be able to if bought online. Therefore, i contemplated and realized that if we are going to pay a good amount book a softener, it should also be installed by a professional, someone whos craft IS water softeners.

Not a plumber who just understands the concept. Someone who has BEEN doing this for years. We are so happy we got a softener in Elk Grove. The water is ridiculously hard. We were in our new home only for a week and you can already see the hard water the water hook up elk grove ca We could even taste the water hook up elk grove ca hard water when brushing our teeth. Now that we have a softener, its WORLDS different.

I highly suggest you get one if you live in Elk Grove. But so far so good! These Water Hook-Up guys are great and did a wonderful job. We had them install a water system for our 25 year old house. We are very happy with the whole experience and even happier with the actual the water hook up elk grove ca system. The water system works great and I've even quit buying bottled water for drinking since the water out of the tap tastes so clean. I only wish we would have done this sooner!

We have had this great company servicing our softener and filtration system for two years. They do fantastic work and are very friendly and customer service oriented. Since they have been our company of choice we have never had any issues with our equipment. We highly recommend them to you. Ro n Bill Rodda Calvin and Brenda are the best. We have had our system for years and the followup service is great. Very accommodating to our schedule.

And always show up on time. This place the water hook up elk grove ca awesome. I didn't buy a water softener from this company, but the owner Brenda spend time with me on the phone to ensure I was testing my water correctly after the install, which I did myself. The water hook up elk grove ca would highly recommend this place and I will be calling them to service my water softener or calibrated after my tests.

Brenda is always great about the yearly service reminders and accommodating our busy schedules!! Thank you Water Hook Up!! We love our water softening system from the Water Hookup! It tastes great, easier on clothes and hair, especially if colored! Elk Grove has such hard water and this system makes cleaning easier as well because it doesn't leave those ths water spots or build ups. Brenda has been awesome and we are very happy with the service. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Excellent company to work with. Great product knowledge when we initially bought and exceptional customer service. We purchased our water softener filter system from TWHU several months ago and are very happy with it. We th drink our water right from the tap now. Also, Brenda and Calvin are awesome! They're very knowledgeable and honest.

We highly recommend them. They were very helpful on the phone and scheduling an appointment was easy. The prices are reasonable and the service was top notch. We purchased a reverse osmosis system for drinking water and it's been about a year and no issues just great tasting water free of fluoride! I'm happy to see the Water Hook-Up is still at it. Calvin took care of my water system 20yrs ago. I miss having soft water. I'll be buying my new unit from this dude. We have had their equipment for many years, and they have done a good job keeping our very hard water under control.

When we have a service call, Calvin has always been quick, neat and thorough on his service calls, as he was today. Several of our neighbors in our West Laguna subdivision installed water softening systems in their homes and had high praise for the folks at TWHU. My wife and I went to their straight-forward shop and found a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We did not experience any high pressure tactics like we were fearing. Instead, we were given frove lot to think about and space to make our decision.

We had an initial consult done by the very professional gentleman that trouble-shot how the unit would be installed in our somewhat difficult garage. The installer did an Wateg job actually avoiding an initial more invasive idea to run the drain pipes and coming up with an excellent run of the pipes into our laundry room. Cx only regret is - why didn't I make this investment 10 years ago when we moved in?!?! We allowed 10 years of hard water to abuse our machines, fixtures, toilets, shower walls, etc Now hiok are enjoying wonderfully soft water and a much cleaner house and cleaner dishes and thee.

We highly recommend TWHU! We've been sharing our good reports with the rest of the neighbors who don't have the water hook up elk grove ca yet. From the no obligation evaluation of the quality of our water, to the final installation of our water softner and the seperate reverse-osmosis drinking water the water hook up elk grove ca, the quality of the equipment and the service and installation were painless and professional. Calvin the installer was a pro at installing, elkk very helpful in determining our exact needs and fulfilling our wishes.

We have been using these systems for a month now and are very satisfied with all aspects of it's performance. I would recommend The Water Hook-Up to those willing to spend the money to "do it right" the first time.

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