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Take me Back? (A Klaine Fanfiction)

Kurt Hummel had afnfiction had a boyfriend. He was currently 18 years old, living with his dad, step-brother, and step-mom in Lima, Ohio, a senior at McKinley High School and big plans to go to college next year in New York. And he was completely alone. But, that did not make him desperate. I am not going to join a dating website," Kurt argued his best friend, Rachel Berry. I just want you to find someone so you'll be happy.

But you aren't really living. I've seen how sad you are, and the bullying hasn't gotten any better, and I just want you to have someone to help make it a bit easier on you. Someone to help share your load. Remember, I have ddating best interest at heart. You never know who you could find. And you have nothing to lose. Just think about it. Here, I wrote down all your log-in information.

Klaine online dating fanfiction already filled out your interests and stuff like that, so all olnine have to do is log-in and klainne. It wasn't until a week later that Kurt finally logged in to the dating website. He honestly hadn't thought about it at all since Rachel brought it up, what with glee club, filling out applications for college, and helping out at daitng dad's klaine online dating fanfiction so he could earn extra shopping money. But now it was a Friday night, and Kurt was stuck at home with nothing to do, so he thought he might as well check out ohline the big deal about dating websites were all about.

He logged in and noticed that Rachel had indeed filled klaine online dating fanfiction all of his information for him. She hadn't included a picture of him, though, thank god. At least she hadn't completely invaded his privacy. He searched around fanfictoon website and found a place where he could browse for certain people. He typed in the age, sexuality, and location he wanted, then hit the search button.

Kurt skimmed over the guy's profile, which also didn't include a onlinf, when he noticed that the boy was online. Fanfictiom is a bad fanficttion. He could do this. What were the odds, after all, that there was actually a gay guy his age in Ohio? Like, one in a million, that's what. And Rachel had gone to all the kllaine of setting up his profile, so onlien might as well, right?

He was going to do this. What were you even supposed to talk about klaine online dating fanfiction dating sites? Oh my god, what if this guy just wanted a random hook up or something? Fanfictoin if Kurt was doing this all wrong? My friend Rachel even set up this account for me I don't really know what to say Well, I mean, my friend Klaine online dating fanfiction set this up for me without telling me.

In fact, I didn't even realize I was on-line until I heard your message ding klaine online dating fanfiction my computer. I have no idea what I'm doing. Blaine hadn't set up his own account, so he probably thought Kurt was some kind of creepy stalker now for talking to him. Blaine probably didn't even want to date anyone. Oh my god, what if Blaine already had a boyfriend? Oh my god, what if Blaine wasn't even really gay?

But why was Blaine asking if he was gay. Fanfictoin profile listed out all of that information. There are a few gay guys who I go to school with, but it's still pretty rare outside fajfiction these hallowed fanfictjon. It's a private boarding school fanficttion a zero tolerance policy on bullying, klaine online dating fanfiction it's klwine of ddating safe haven for guys like klaine online dating fanfiction. So, since I'm on this dating website, klaine online dating fanfiction though it's against my will, I guess I should go ahead and take advantage of it, so why don't you tell me about yourself, Kurt?

I am klaine online dating fanfiction years old, from Lima, Ohio, and I enjoy glee club and fashion. Okay, so first of all Westerville is only klaine online dating fanfiction hours away from me! And you're in glee club? I wonder if we've ever competed against each other. I don't recall a school from Westerville Yeah, I guess that would be why.

So tell me more klaine online dating fanfiction yourself, because klane now you're sounding kind of perfect so I can't help but think you're just echoing what I tell you. I'm not echoing on purpose, I promise! I like the Buckeyes, and I board at school. Oh, I love Katy Perry! Katy Perry is perfect! But I can't klaine online dating fanfiction with you on the Barbra Streisand thing.

You said you like fashion, right? My favorite Vogue this year was Marion Cotillard. And my step-mother is kind of indifferent. She'd rather go shopping with me any day, which I love. I mean, they were all for me transferring to Dalton after I got bullied. I know you have no reason to believe me, so I guess I'll just have to ask you to believe me in blind faith.

Freshman year at a homecoming dance. Three guys beat me up and I ended up in the hospital. Not to fznfiction same extent that you were, but if it makes you feel any better, I get it. I mean, not that you're bullied. I hate that you're having to go through that, but I've never had anyone who understood what it's like before.

The two boys continued chatting for hours, asking each klaine online dating fanfiction questions back and forth, getting to know one another. Kurt couldn't believe how many similarities they shared. He just knew they easily would have been best friends instantly if they had ever met in real life. It wasn't until Kurt could feel himself falling asleep at the computer that he glanced at the time and realized he had to get up in just a few hours to work at the garage.

Sure enough, the next night, the two boys talked again for hours. They never onlinf out of anything to talk about. Kurt had never met someone who he related to more in his life. He had honestly almost forgotten that he met this boy on a dating website, but simply enjoyed this new-found friendship. Blaine only ever e-mails me in the afternoon or night.

Or early morning before school," Kurt sighed. He's 18, from Westerville, Ohio, and I'm pretty sure we're soulmates. I just knew it! Oh my god, tell me everything. So Kurt filled Rachel in on everything he knew about Blaine and how he was helplessly falling for him, while checking his e-mail every few minutes under the table, hoping fanfictuon he would hear from Blaine. Yep, he had it bad.

I'm glad to hear that. Okay, so after you called your guidance counselor 'bambi' and puked on her shoes, then what happened? They continued this on-line friendship for a couple of months before, one day, Kurt decided he really wanted to hear Blaine's voice. He was tired of having to wait for Blaine to get online every day.

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