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Reauthenticate with PSN to view your friends. Your session with Xbox Live has expired. Reauthenticate with Xbox Live to view your friends. To see the latest posts, switch to the Trending sort mode. I personally am a part of a very small Clan who I often play with. Being such a small clan, all of us raid destiny matchmaking each other and always have a great time together. However, this means that sometimes, gathering 6 members to do rzid Raid match,aking be a difficult task.

Then, in order to get a complete fireteam, we have to resort to other raid destiny matchmaking. Perhaps, turning to LFG. But, isn't it a problem that you need to rely on a 3rd party website, external to the game, in order to find a raid team to play with? With Raid matchmaking, of course. Now, I know that the thought alone of Raid Matchmaking may make some of you upset or even angry. I am aware that this is a very controversial topic. I know that many of the players here on the forums are veteran Destiny players like raid destiny matchmaking, but think of the newbies that are locked away from the best content in the game because they don't have many if any for that matter friends to play with.

In this video I propose what I believe to be a very elegant and efficient solution that will make Raid matchmaking, the dream of so many casual players, mattchmaking, whilst not harming any Guardian who doesn't want anything to do with it, as it would be Optional. I hope you take all of this into consideration and do let me know your thoughts on the possibility of seeing a system like this implemented in Destiny 2, down in the comments.

Comment Reply Start Topic. B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory. Forum Category Destiny Feedback Help Community Recruitment Gaming OffTopic. Keep in mind that this system WORKS in Final Fantasy XIV, which has raid destiny matchmaking more complex raids than Destiny has. MM ddstiny place for it in raids, lfg is hard enough now the grind is gone. Doubt the grind will be back in d2. Example this week experienced players apparently means completed once, have spindle means don't know what it is!

Good idea but it needs to be optional. Every time i see MM for Raids It just makes me laugh uncontrollably! You're better off playing the lottery! You would be lucky to complete destiy 1 out of 50 attempts. I think matchmaking for pieces of the raid simular matchmakig strikes would be ok to gather pratice for doing the raid proper. These would not drop raid weapons and would be lower light level. It raid destiny matchmaking as well have matchmaking because LFG is horrible.

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