Kim hyun joong and jung so min dating 2014

Text Messages Between Kim Hyun Joong And Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Released By Korean Media Outlet Dispatch


Hyun Joong was in dilemma whether to explain the truth to So Min or settling the issues that has been spreading broadly to the nations concerning him and So Min. Jung had called him twice and asks him to meet up. Hyuj was mim happening between you two? He walks towards the door and knocks. It was silent inside. I am going out right now.

But let me explain the whole matter to you after this. It was still silent. Hyun Joong gave up and takes few steps forward. He stops and then turns his back. So Min then responded him with flat tone of voice. Jung was about to call Hyung Joong for the third time when he entering his room. I was about to call you. Did the reporter spot you? I bet they did huh? That is why I manage to be here here. It also became hot news for today. Did So Min know about this? She should stay at home if she knows.

But I already told her not to go out for today. You know what exactly happen yesterday hyung. I saved her and she was really sick and injured. But as you know, the reporters can not datint underestimated. They are like cockroaches. They stir the news very fast. We should hold a conference to solve this matter. Daring did you refuse? You should agree with this or else you really have feeling for each other do you?

Just, please let me do the talk alone. I can handle this by myself. But you should clear the rumor first. I guess it is better for you to tell the truth. That would be better for you and So Min. I am really consent about anything you want to do. As long as it brings you happiness. Okay, back kim hyun joong and jung so min dating 2014 the issues, the talk will be conducted the day after tomorrow during your album launch ceremony. Hyun Joong smiled and hug Mr. He really appreciates to his manager concerns towards him.

He was the one and only manager since his debut and Hyun Joong already consider him as part of his family. Same goes to Mrs. Chang Mi, Jae Joong and his father, they have been look for him since he was young as they knew about his past. He felt datibg because he was surrounded with people who care about him as he felt the same with So Min. But his feeling towards So Min was different among them. He does want So Min to take care of him, but his heart wanted more than that.

He felt really happy when So Min was in his eyes, as he wanted her to always be with him. I have already assured my feeling towards her. I am going to tell the truth, no matter what happen. After a while, Hyung was out, Min Ah and Minho called her and asked her to meet up. She initially refused as she was told by Hyun Joong not to go out, but since they begged, she decided to meet them. She really refused to go since she has felt a little pain in her head but is really curious xnd what Min Ah wanted to say.

This is Eun Hye. Can we meet up? I was going to call you to meet up. Sure, where should we meet? I meet you in 30 minutes. My felling have turned to someone else. He then picked his phone and starts dialing Jae Joong numbers. I heard your news. You should have told me earlier. Can we talk about this later? I need your help. Can you please go to my place? I am worried about So Min. She was still sick. By the hyuj could you please not to tell So Min about this matter?

I am relying on you chingu. I am hanging up now. You are not telling me where you are going. Yah you have just hanged up me? If it kim hyun joong and jung so min dating 2014 true, Hyun Joong should tell me earlier. I think i have some kind of feeling htun her. He somehow felt jealous mih a little bit depressed when he heard dahing the news. Stop thinking silly thing. I should go to So Min. So Min felt that some people surrounding her was looking to her when she headed to meet her friends.

Hjun of them out a long stare with their silent mocks and some of them are just smiling like shrinking to her. At first she just ignored all the stares and pretends like nothing happen. They snd have mistaken me for someone. They are sitting at the corner of the shop. She walks towards her and the feeling of being watched became increasingly felt.

Or it was just my imagination? Min Ho lifts his shoulder and shook his head. You have become the headline. That is the reason why people are stating at you today. It was just a misunderstanding. He just saved me yesterday. I have been trapped by someone and Hyun Joong came and save me. Who was that person? Please I am really confused right now. Why are you backing him? Do you have feeling towards him? He has a lot of fanatic fans.

Please, I want to be alone right now. He felt sorry to Jooong Min but all he can do is just watch and let Min Ah do all the talk. Should we kim hyun joong and jung so min dating 2014 to her and apologized? She might need time and kim hyun joong and jung so min dating 2014 to make up s kim hyun joong and jung so min dating 2014. So Min intends to meet his master to settle about the matter.

She was passing one of the famous coffee shops when she recognizes some people that she knew. She was really upset ikm they turn to be his master and hislate crush, Yoon Eun Hye. He really wanted to see her all this time, I guess? I should go back. Her heart was trembling but all she can do is stay calm. So Min was about heading to Hyun Joong apartment house when someone throw wet colored balloon towards her.

Ao after, the other throws an egg and hits his head. She tried to jing as she walks towards his master home but her strength are slowly loosing. She felt the pain within her head and it starts to feel dizzy. She unknowingly drops herself on hgun land when she heard someone called her name before she faint. Jae Joong is waiting for So Min when he saw someone was surrounding by the crowds of female fans.

As he got his clear view towards the person, he barely recognizes jungg she was So Hynu who was trying joing endure the attack weakly. He ran towards So Min but she dropped before he could catch her. The people around them were shocked when So Min was fainted at sudden. You all better go away or I mni sue you, do klm all got it? Jae Joong gently place So Min on her bed. He was hurting when he saw the pale So Min cried in her unconsciousness.

He sat beside her while stroking her hairs. Sometimes he put his finger on her forehead when junng wrinkled and mumbled and he felt the sadness within her when tears come out from her closed eyes.

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