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I was attracted to Matt from the first time I saw him. We met days before his 29th birthday. I was so smitten by him, I never even saw his chair or his disability. It was like being struck by a bolt of lighting. I pulled my friend who was with me into dating a quadriplegic guy bathroom and told dating a quadriplegic guy how cute I thought he was. She had known him before his accident and said "yeah, he is, but don't do anything about it.

Matt and I started out as friends and before long we were sitting in his bedroom trying to figure out if we could actually make this work. How could he handle being in a relationship when he had only been with a couple of women in his life and he had dating a quadriplegic guy been with one woman since his injury and she had crushed him? How could I handle being with a man who could never feel me touching his body, a man who dating a quadriplegic guy require the care of others for the rest of his life, and how would I deal with the members of society who would see our relationship as deviant or wrong?

We sat and talked. I still remember what he was wearing and how he was silhouetted against the sun as it set behind him. I remember how my heart sank as he asked me to leave because he thought our relationship would be too full of impropriety. We still talked and e-mailed each other and before long I was waking up at 3: I stood by him as he graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, I was with him while dafing had a bone removed from his foot to keep a persistent pressure sore at bay.

He has stood by me as well. Going with me to have two piercings done to celebrate his successes at school. He was there via telephone when I was taken to the rating room and had emergency surgery to repair a severed arm muscle. He was there when Quadriplevic had 25 stitches removed from my arm, when I had a cancerous mole removed. We have attended family functions and weddings, we have been politically active, we have basically done everything an able-bodied couple would do, only we have had to do things with an eye to his disability.

This means we need to have extra time to make arrangements to go places, we have to schedule transportation for him if a van is not available, we need to make sure we are home by a certain time on certain night so that his "girls" can help him with various dating a quadriplegic guy aspects of him life. Matt and I started dating almost a year ago and in that time we dating a quadriplegic guy been through some incredible experiences. We seem to balance each other out pretty well.

Matt is very serious and stoic where as I am light hearted and more relaxed. He is a nose-to-the-grindstone guy when it comes to work or school, while I appreciate hard work, but I also think taking time to play and relax is important too. There are some things I would like to change about him such as his complete seriousness about everything and I wish he showed a little more affection, but I know he cares about ugy and this is just his way of showing it.

I know he would like me to be more succinct when I tell him things and he cannot stand it when we argue or disagree. But I don't try to change him and he doesn't plan on changing me, so we have learned to work together to the best of our abilities and we have found that we make each other very happy. When I am with him I feel safe, secure, and at peace. Datting I look at him, I don't see his disability, his chair, nothing. I just see him and I like what I see. Matt dating a quadriplegic guy a C5, Datint, C7 quadriplegic caused by a car accident on Father's Day At the time of his accident he was 21 years old.

The C5, C6, C7 aspect of his diagnosis means that his injury begins at this 5th Cervical vertebrate. His 6th and 7th the lowest cervical vertebrates are also injured. This means his injury effects any bodily system that is located below the 5th cervical vertibrae. The "incomplete" part gyy his diagnosis means his spinal cord was not severed and was not injured completely through.

Contrary to popular belief, his injury does not mean that he can not move. Matt is able to use his hands, although they are severely contracted. He can also raise his arms and has good use of his upper body. This use of his arms and shoulders is due to a medical qyadriplegic called tendon transfer surgery. Matt no longer sweats because of the level of his injury, he also has some digestive problems which means that there are some things he used to love to eat, like ice cream, cottage cheese, or funnel cakes, which he quadriplrgic no longer consume.

After Matt's accident, he spent weeks in a medically-induced coma, 6 months on a ventilator, dating a quadriplegic guy months in a halo, he has had a chest tube, he has been tube fed, he has lived in various types of casts, he has had pins placed throughout his body, he has seen his body being cut open and nerves, muscles and tendons moved around, dettached and reattached again. He was allowed to leave the rehabilitation hospital approximately 6 months after his accident and he went to live in a nursing home.

Matt lived in this nursing home hook up waterline to refrigerator 5 years until finally being able to move out on his own and live independently. If you were to see him now, you would never know about all dating a quadriplegic guy the medical procedures he had to endure in order to allow him to live. He has scars, but thankfully that is it. His face was never cut or injured, so to look at him you would never know what he has been through.

I think his soul, body, and heart know though. He comes across as very mature, very sure, and impervious to the influences of others. Not many people are allowed to break through his walls and barriers, but I feel so gratefully that he chose me, and allowed me into his heart. I am thankful for the times he allows me to be an influential part of his life.

I know he cares for me, when he asks my opinion about his future. I know he lets so few people in qadriplegic he trusts the opinions of so few people, I feel thankful cating he trusts me enough to act as his sounding board for decisions that could affect the rest of his life. Welcome to my Blog! My name is Nancy and I have created this blog as a way to vuy dating a quadriplegic guy able bodied persons who are in intimate relationships with disabled persons.

A Quadriplegic Man Learning How To Get Down From Wheelchair And Then To Get Up.

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