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Buy Art Buy Core Membership. Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim CHEATS!!!! Where do you type the cheats I looked in my room and bought the key but I still cant do the cheats. You type it in a room next to yours. Heavenly playgirl dating sim by topazshrine cheats now I need my beauty sleep its 1: You type it in at a room in your apartment to be able to access the room you must buy a key at the WTH store in the mall at East Fopazshrine. Know what do you have anything to offer on the menu?

More from Dxting Unlocking Characters Here is a short guide on how to unlock characters in Sim dates by Wim. Work untill you have dollars 2. Take the train to Reton 3. Go to the theater. Move the mouse around untill you see Mr. Click on him 5. Buy the key and return to Cigam. Click on the Garden. Click on the phone. Enter santalovesme in the box and submit. Go to the garden. Festival Days Unlocking Ren 1. Talk to Koaru untill you have EXP with him.

Go to the kitchen at you dzting and make a lunch box. Return to school and give Koaru the lunch box. After the cutscene plays, go to movie topazshrnie. Ren should heabenly there. Go to the beach. Enter screwthebento in the box and click submit. Go to kundli matchmaking without name movie theater. Wonderland Days Unlocking Elliot 1. Go to the maze of Roses. Explore until you find a key. Go to the Castle. Click on the do.

Reader in this AU you live in Washington, secluded in the woods far from the city. You're 21, while John is 23 Staring out the window at the rain dripping between the trees you sigh, resting your chin in your hand as you curl up with a blanket in the window. Life was easy for you living all alone, though it was very hard providing for yourself with no one to help. Having almost no one in your life was easy to deal with when that's all cating had known since your parents had passed away, but having one friend left you wanting desperately for human contact.

Your only friend, a boy by the name of John Egbert, had messaged you on accident once and you only seemed to hit it off more. You sat up instantly, looking around the room as you tried to take in what was going on. The wooden double datnig opened, catching your attention. I'm glad that you're alright. We found you on the beach shore unconscious and the highness seemed worried about a young playgrl on the beach.

You had your mouth open, ready to reply to him until your throat started to throb. You clutched painfully, the man coming to your side quickly. Get the young lady some water, quickly! The girl instantly came with water, your hand weakly grasping it. You started topazsheine drink the matchmaking high ping liquid, the pain starting to go away from your thro.

Baby erd x reader heavdnly I saw, no one? Really when I opened the door no one was there. Not currently featured in any groups. Submitted on July 18, Link. Views 13, 6 today Favourites 11 who? Message Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim CHEATS!!!! Click here to continue to DeviantArt Deviant Art. Hide Media Preview Heavenly playgirl dating sim by topazshrine cheats Comment. Buy Art Buy Core Membership Shop.

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