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I am a member of a well known free dating site in Australia, and i sent them an email recently which i will put below, and the answer i got from them. I will block any names etc. I want to see if you can investigate whether these member are fake. I have been speaking to both these girls on and off oasis. I know for a fact that they both have fake facebook accounts, that have both been created in the past 2 weeks, they have very little photos, information and friends etc. There is similarites in both the profiles, in terms of the "about me" information they post.

I have both their numbers, and they never pick up the phone to talk. They both claim they are peadatric nurses, and both have oasis dating site scams phone numbers with Virgin prepaid, as i looked up the prefix on google. I became sus, as xxx has cancelled 6 dates on me, with excuses ranging from her mother is sick with cancer, her dog is sick, she is sick, her friend is over, etc. I just want some clarifaction, as i sent an sms to xxx saying i dont belive she is real, and she is scamming me.

And now this other random girl " zzz " has added me and it just seems very dodgy. The other concern is if they are fake profiles, then its obviously identity theft on someones pictures. Thanks for letting oasis dating site scams know. Neither member at this stage has any other complaints, so it is hard to tell, we will have to keep an eye on each profile. They are both on 3G internet so cannot confirm if they are the same user or not unfortunately, however what they have said to you sounds suspicious.

If you have any further questions please reply directly to this email. Please do not remove this tracking code oasis dating site scams your reply. Surely there is something they can use to track members who using the internet or thje dating app from their phone. I know that each iphone has an apple id etc.

If they have cancelled on you 6 times does it matter is they are fake?? Even if they are real you should have moved on. Use the Google image search feature and if your suspicions are correct then there's a good chance it will find the originals. If the heads aren't shown then I think we can guess they are probably not pictures of themselves. Oasis dating site scams image search may help here, too. They are oasis dating site scams trolling you — just don't go looking, and then you won't have to see it or read it.

Go out and meet people, you have a much better chance of actually pulling a real woman if you do. Not the best way, but yes normal google search can search by filename. Because the html will refer to the picture by name. To do that go to oasis dating site scams, then click image, and THEN click on the picture of the Camera in the input bar. Now you can tell it to match the photo by URL or by uploading one to match Makes me think this Judging by your previous posts about Oasis you have been on the site for a while, so you should know how it works.

Unfortunately they are not responsible for providing identification of all their members. That would be totally ridiculous as there hundreds of thousands of them. To be honest you need to get out from behind your PC and meet people, get a hobby besides gaming, join a gym, get out of your comfort zone and do what the majority of people do to meet people. Forget about tracing these people, it labels you as a troll, ferreting about looking for them is a waste of oasis dating site scams and actually will make you frustrated.

Block them and move on, people like this are on every dating site. They could also be police, thought of that? I know someone who does this sort of stuff to trap people who should not be doing what they are doing if you get my drift. Block them and move on. And although I've never used them, there's nothing wrong with dating sites, plenty of people have hooked up using them.

I had some stupid b show up on Skype the other day wanting me to add her declined then after I declined I asked who she was Told she was new to Skype and wanted some people to talk to Just told her don't know who you are don't talk to you as your no one I know and politely told her goodbye and blocked her simple New had any problems But at the moment there are shitloads of so called newbies on Skype looking for men to talk to Tracked this idiot down came from Ganda Africa Her user name was caishe real name princess wow how fake can that get.

I reckon the whole online dating thing is a way to hide. You can choose which features of yourself to promote or demote whereas you don't have this luxury in real life. A relatively unattractive person can spend a good amount of money with a beauty specialist and with the right lighting look fantastic and entirely unrealistic to the person you wake up next oasis dating site scams every morning. Much like an overweight person can only show their assets or Photoshop their images to slim down.

Unfortunately this almost always goes against the other party at some point. If I were to ever look at those sites I would take the profile picture as the absolute best photo one could do in the absolute best conditions and best scenarios. Not oasis dating site scams looks are everything but your first impression of someone is almost always their voice, natural look or pose, none of which can be determined by a time-delayed photo. Archive View Return to standard view. So why are you still corresponding with these individuals.

Your over-thinking the whole thing. Just don't be stupid and send them money or anything silly. Stop talking to them. Walk outside, find real people to talk to.

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