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Prime Minister and I Episode 11 Recap

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New to the site? Login or Create an account. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. But whoever said that falling in love would be easy? Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest the prime minister is dating ep 11 here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. After Yul serenades Da-jung at the restaurant, they return home for a walk in the courtyard.

She compliments him on his superb singing voice and thanks him for an enjoyable dinner and performance. When she asks to be free from the daily journals, he agrees readily and asks what else, which makes her wonder where this genie Yul has suddenly come from. But she plays along and requests that he keep this current hairstyle and allow Woo-ri to pursue music. Yul agrees to consider the idea, to her delight. Da-jung can hardly believe it, and she asks where this is coming from.

He merely wanted to thank her for her efforts by taking her out tonight, he adds. Back at the hospital, In-ho finds his brother with Joon-ki and drops the bomb that it was Yul who turned his brother into a vegetable. After the car accident, In-ho had learned that it was the husband who reported the incident, since it was his car that followed behind them. As Soo is wheeled into surgery, we learn that Yul had given his blessing for their relationship, but that had only made Soo even more afraid.

Yul sighs at the now empty bedroom before he checks on his children, who immediately straighten up at the sight of him. The kids go-to counter argument? But Da-jung humors her father and asks what he wants to eat. Heewhich is when Hye-joo arrives with groceries in hand. The children watch in awe as Hye-joo whips up a full spread for dinner. He sinks into his seat, saying that he wanted ramyun. Da-jung and In-ho go the prime minister is dating ep 11 to buy food as she reminds him that dementia patients like Dad often forget things right away.

Little do they know that hyung Soo starts to convulse in the hospital room, his eyes wide. But In-ho is alerted soon enough and is shocked to see his brother in so much pain. Da-jung places a comforting hand on his shoulder. Yul thanks Hye-joo for helping out tonight as they sit outside. She says he made the right decision to send Da-jung away and promises to take care of the children from now on. Yul looks over at the empty bed as he works from his desk.

He smiles at the thought of Da-jung and takes his sleeping pills while Da-jung scribbles in her journal and holds the paper frog in her hand. Yul and his staff go for a hike and his bodyguards gloat over their new winter coats. He enjoys some downtime with some fellow hikers, who voice their approval in their prime minister. Da-jung steps outside and overhears a conversation about how Yul might lose his job if he keeps rubbing against the rich and powerful.

She calls him up in concern before thinking better of it, but then returns to the hospital room to find Dad missing. Yul ponders in his study with the hair clip in his hand and stands by the window when Da-jung suddenly rushes in a panic. Ha, so petty, Dad. Dad thinks this is where he can find the prime minister which in fact, the prime minister works and resides in different locations altogether and In-ho escorts him back to the estate.

Da-jung yells at her father in a worried voice, but Dad is determined to have a the prime minister is dating ep 11 with his son-in-law. Then Da-jung thanks In-ho for helping them find her father. But there are more pressing matters at hand as Madam Na has taken upon herself to accuse Hye-joo of being a homewrecker on the internet. Then Hye-joo barges into his office to show him the accusatory story.

Madam Na and her galpals drink to celebrate their internet defamation, convinced that working at a PC bang would cover their tracks. Dad tears into Yul for that very reason, and demands to know what the deal is. Yul awkwardly answers that of course he did, and they slap on happy smiles. Having eavesdropped on their conversation, the little ones chirp in from the doorway that they the prime minister is dating ep 11 saw the adults kiss before.

So Dad takes it upon himself to send them off to bed, and they have no choice but to head inside the bedroom together. I love how both sides of this family act as matchmaker for this couple. Joon-ki storms back home and slams down the documents on the table in a rage. Through tears, Madam Na says she was only trying to protect her husband, but she stops short when he calls her by name.

Joon-ki warns her not to pull something like this again, and poor Madam Na clings onto the tiny term of endearment. He sends In-ho in his stead to take them home later, and Na-ra goes moony-eyed over her piano oppa. Na-ra catches his attention when she nearly burns herself from the candles. He introduces himself as Han Tae-woong, and his baptismal name is Michael, but can I just call you Suho?

Da-jung tells In-ho that she plans to move out the estate after Dad returns to the hospital. At the same time, we see Yul leave the estate, and a mysterious man the prime minister is dating ep 11 out a knife from his pocket. When Da-jung decides to tell Yul about the idea that evening, she overhears voices from inside the study. It seems Yul has already decided to keep Da-jung here, and Hye-joo bitterly remarks that he may as well make it official and register the marriage.

She points out that the reason why he sent Da-jung away in the first place was to protect her from Joon-ki. And why would Yul go that far? As for a real marriage: Yul finds Da-jung in the courtyard to ask her to stay at the estate. Before Yul leaves, Dad takes him by the hand to express his gratitude. The mystery knife man hides among the crowd. Da-jung takes her father back to the hospital, and he tells her to hurry home since Yul and the kids will be worried.

She gets up to tidy a few things, but then a glass drops and shatters to the ground. Concerned, Dad tells her to hurry back.

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