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Home Help Speed dating in manhattan ks Birthday Countdown Login Register. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? April 1, Hometown: Saitama, Japan Blood Type: I've seen 8 of her dramas and 7 of her movies but I like her best in Bara no nai Hanaya so please do watch that if you haven't already. She's currently starring takeucui Strawberry Night.

She used to be married to Shido Nakamura and has one son with him. From what I've read from rumors and stuff, she seems to be dating Masato Sakai, one of my favorite Japanese actors. Never really liked her but haven't disliked her either, somewhat taleuchi but her best role she was vastly underrated in, this is really a superb film.

She was pretty forgettable in that for me. I don't like Pride that much either ddating her most popular roletoo much Oedipus Complex hints going on in that. Have watched many of her things, some good, some not Lunch Queen was so-so, Egao no Hosoku was the absolute pits, even though Abe was in it it was just so bad. Besides Heaven's Bookstorewhich really is a must watch, her performance in the first 10 minutes of Ringu along with Daying was quite good, Yomigaeri datiny okay takeuchi yuko dating but it had a fairly solid cast besides her.

Actually her new drama I'm curious datihg, seems as though it's daging fairly serious role for her in Strawberry Nightthat might be one I may check out. Yoshino I did not like Egao no Hosoku as well. It was boring and they did not end up together I like happy love-love endings. She was great in Bara no nai Hanaya but really, that drama is so takeuchi yuko dating for me. I think I bawled takeuchk the last 3 episodes of that drama.

Strawberry Night is takeuchi yuko dating interesting but you might want to start by takeuchk the SP first. Okay, this goes a little bit off of the thread, but this takuchi a monomane segment with three ladies doing their imitations of well know personalities. One of the contestants is a woman named Ayano Fukuda, and she is brilliant. She does three of the imitations, including Yuko Takeuchi. Her Takeuchi imitation I actually don't quite get, but she must be using lines from a character that Yuko is well known for.

But it is Fukuda's other two imitations that really work for me- she does Rora Lola? Order of imitation is Rora, Miho Kanno,Natsuo Okamoto, Yuko Takeuchi takeuchi yuko dating, Megumi Yasu, and finally Haruka Ayase a great way to end the skit. I really like Takeuchi Yuko. Atkeuchi my second favorite actress. If I remember well, first time I saw her was last year as I was watching Flash Forward and noticed a Japanese actress. Takeuchi yuko dating I searched for her name and eventually started watching her movies and dramas.

I watched Strawberry Night SP and I thought: Wow, she's pretty good actress. After that I zipped through FLOWERS and Closed Note. Nothing really changed after that. But after watching Boku to Tsuma no no Monogatari and Strawberry Night, I became fond of her. That was when I realized how talented she is. And yet today I've watched Golden Slumber which was pretty good too.

Yuko will be on the cover of Spring this May! Are all the Yuko fans planning a big party tomorrow? Looks like she already started! Haven't investigated it too much but here's her website Older spread but naturally wasn't here, she looks good in it, from June issue of Style. Finally a thread for her. Then a few takeucui pics, from last October's Grazia.

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