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Patch 3 for Assassin's Creed Unity Rolling Out This Week

Here Are Some Assassin's Creed Unity Workarounds

News Trailers Ac unity matchmaking Upcoming Heroes Pop Games TV. Here Are Some Assassin's Creed Unity Workarounds. The launch consisted of one of the most anticipated AAA games landing on the market and stumbling around worse than a drunkard at a square-dancing party. Well, Ubisoft has a few tips on how to get the game to function the way it was supposed to at launch. Blues put together a compilation of current happenings surrounding Assassin's Creed Unity and a few troubleshooting tips to help gamers resolve some serious problems plaguing the open-world assassination game.

There's a list of what Ubisoft plans ac unity matchmaking fix, has fixed and what's still essentially in the code-bonkers trash-bin. Check it out below. It's a very sad thing. There's a massive list of problems that Ubisoft has detailed on the thread for all the platforms that the game is available on. They've managed to fix a few of the issues across all the platforms. They've also fixed a majority of the PS4 exclusive problems and none of the Xbox One specific problems. The biggest of all the problems is the frame-rate issues.

It could potentially improve frame rate. Of course, you will have to enable your Wi-Fi or internet connection to play multiplayer which would then bring back the frame-rate issues but here is the current workaround to get matchmaking working Invite a player into your gameworld. Manually start a ac unity matchmaking mission by going to the marker on the map, or joining the coop mission from the progress tracker.

It's such a shame because the game seems like it could have been all right if it wasn't plagued with the launch day blues. Funnily enough, there haven't been as many complaints about Assassin's Creed Rogueac unity matchmaking Xbox and PS3 ac unity matchmaking that released alongside with Assassin's Creed Unity. If Ubisoft doesn't get Unity fixed in time they could be looking at a very damaged reputation as a publisher, moving forward.

We'll see how well they handle Far Cry 4 on November 18th and whether or not they suffer the same problems with that game, too. Subscribe To Topics You're Interested In. Rebellion Is A Mobile Strategy Game With The Cutest Assassins Ever. Star Citizen's Developer Denies Financial Problems. How The Fate Of The Furious Director Feels About Michelle Rodriguez's Threats To Leave The Franchise. About Us FAQ Privacy Policy Jobs Contact.

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Assassin's Creed Unity - Multiplayer Game Play/Let's Play (w/ Wez & Larry)

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