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LOGIN Active Members Username: Select rating Poor Okay Good Great Awesome Your rating: Posted July 22nd, at 1: Who here has had success online? Wondering if anyone here has opneers stock opening messages they send out en masse and have had success getting responses with? Or are messages customized to each profile more successful? Login or register to post.

I dont care if you are newbie, intermediate or advance YOU MUST READ THIS: BKW Respected Member Join Date: Girls get so many messages online. Because of that, the more original the message to a girl online the better. Rsd online dating openers your email stands out your chances go up dramatically. Girls like when guys show they have actually put some datnig in message rather than sending out hordes of emails to datimg who look cute. They already get "Hey, how are you? Best to be original and put a little focus on that first email to make it stand out.

I go out seven nights a week. Why set limitations on yourself? Posted July 22nd, at 2: I promise, promisee you that you will do better OUT IN REALITY THAN IN A FUCKING ONLINE GAME! Please guys stop this dating online game. GET OUT FOR REAL! MuzztecAFC Member Join Date: In my experience, some openers will maybe get a better response rate than others, but the results end up rsd online dating openers the same. However the biggest improvement in response rate I ever had, was a better profile picture.

I recently lost 11kg, and I put up a much better profile picture, where my face looks a lot skinnier and I have no top on, you can just see the top of my chest which looks big I still have a belly haha. And since adding that photo as my main pic my response rate has more rsd online dating openers doubbled, some sites rejected the pic coz I am topless need to crop it better I guess, but I get barely any messages on sites with my old picture, but with new picture so many more responses!

Like I said, your best position is to send an original message. You can send out canned messages but it will not be as effective. Yes, you send out TONS of emails datong, but the more original rsd online dating openers seems to the girl the more she's going to want to respond back. Online is a number's game. But you don't oppeners to lesson your chances by making the girl feel like another "number". If it takes a few extra minutes to be original to girls you send messages to, then do it, because it will increase your odds.

Overall, this is just one good thing to do. Adventist only online dating websites also agree that you want good pictures and a good profile. I am incredibly lazy and Rsd online dating openers do none of these things online. I get numbers but I have to send out so many emails it's ridiculous. I don't take online very serious anymore though and I only do it like every 6 months.

If you want to increase your odds then do what I said and get better profile and better pictures. Nyal Senior Member Join Date: Yeah there's a rsd online dating openers of chodes who do online dating. I do it datung well, I usually after my initial opener introduce the game "20 questions" start off with gay as fuck questions like "when was your first kiss?

Posted July 22nd, at 3: Solstice Senior Member Join Date: But like BKW said, being original does help response rate. Reminds me of Blah blah Posted July 22nd, at 4: Heres some examples haha If you ask a question about sex and she carries on asking questions about sex to you then you know she's game.

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