Lee seung gi dating 2013

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona of SNSD Confirmed to be Dating

Yoona and Lee Seung-gi, First Official Couple of 2014!

What a way to start off the seng year! The two were discovered going on dates by Dispatch as far back as September. If memory serves correct, Yoona is the first SNSD seumg to be officially revealed as dating; this is a big change for the group and its fans, though it should not have been unexpected. Congratulations to the newly revealed couple, and cating the daring for their relationship! Dispatch, NaverNateSBS, YouTube[ 1 ].

Student of the sciences, disciple of K-pop. SHINee are the Pandavas to my Draupadi. Yoona and him are equals in terms of spotless reputations and general likability in Korea. Surprisingly with how popular Yoona daging, LSG might actually be more popular. If either one of them was significantly less popular, less good looking, or had scandals lee seung gi dating 2013, the fans of the other lee seung gi dating 2013 have a field lee seung gi dating 2013 with it and SM seunf would have not dting it.

I heard the reactions to the news is pretty much positive. I was surprised they were dating. I love when a new couple is revealed. Pee them the best and they suit each other to a T. I hope will be as interesting with the scandals as Wow has Rain and KTH been dating for a year now?! It still seems so recent for me lol. Way to start the year. I hope more and more idol come out to say they are dating.

Then I hope the public one day is going to see a new headline and not care. Oppa vry hppy fr u nd …fr unnie also. Still speechless until now. And for SM to confirm this? Happy for them, and I hope they are happily dating: I agree, SM confirmed mostly datinv is Lee Leee gi. Best of luck to the couple and I wish they have a wonderful relationship together. She liked Lee 0213 since She said it many times during Hello Baby, watch this video and start at Yoona said that she liked Lee-Seung-gi many times on Hello Baby back in Watch this video at Anyway, Yoona and LSG look great together.

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SNSDWonder GirlsSB Week in ReviewT. For Your Viewing Pleasure: Best of Weekly Music Shows: Best of Weekly Music ShowsFor Your Viewing PleasureBTSSistarVIXX. Lee seung gi dating 2013 31, Gaya DispatchLee Seung-giSB BiteYoona. Gaya Student of the sciences, lee seung gi dating 2013 of K-pop. Best of Recap: Your Favorite Albums and Mini-Albums. This is so exciting. Happy for both of 203. ZUL LIKE YOONA NOT Lee seung gi near yoona cause lee seung gi evil his shadow person.

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First Couple 2014 Lee Seung Gi & SNSD Yoona

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