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Airport officer says he’s not looking to date, dating app promptly uses him to promote product

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By Thet Nyi Nyi October 18, There is a trend recently of companies piggybacking on the success airporf popularity of some local talent. This phenomenon was perhaps most stark when Joseph Schooling secured our first Olympic gold. Now some might consider that rather opportunistic in itself, but we will give it a pass because he literally works there.

If you like what you read, follow us on Facebook and Twitter chanig get the latest updates. Thet has a chronic fear of teenage girls laughing at him. Morning Changi airport dating Morning Commute. Advertise with us Contact us Privacy policy. Web development by Ripplewerkz. SHINE Festival 30 Changi airport dating Singapore Food Festival 14 July Upsurge SG50 chairman praised SG50 for new Singapore spirit and for bringing the nation together December 29, Don't insult my father by saying he didn't know what went into his last will June 24, Ho Ching air;ort 'dogsbody' in her reply to Lee Hsien Yang.

Such an old British word. Photo of People's Park Complex analysed by non-Singaporeans, hilarious conclusions changi airport dating June 25, Lady's FB post about rude man at "Singapore University Studio" goes viral, eyewitnesses dispute account June 27, Fundraising bazaar for 94 Fernvale cats on July 9,at Neko changi airport dating Niwa cat cafe Proceeds will help ease the burden of rising medical and boarding fees. About Thet Nyi Nyi. Morning Read Morning Commute Interesting stories to discuss with your friends later.

Weekly Recap Recap of the week. Social Media Fail CMI. Presidential Elections Cgangi up with the Presidential Election. BTTF October 22, Tan Cheng Bock thanks everyone who helped get his case to run for president to High Court Court to make decision on his case in a week's time, he changi airport dating. We hate spam, so we promise not to spam you too! Mothership events listing to prove there's really nothing to do in S'pore A weekly round-up of events that will make you go, 'Nothing to do leh.

Lee Hsien Yang says PM Lee's Changi airport dating 3 Ministerial Statement is another example of misusing power Pre-emptive strike. Morning Commute Interesting stories to discuss with your colleagues in office later Close.

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