Radioactive dating works best with what type of rocks quizlet

Science Chapter 8, Section 2


Log in Sign up. How can we help? What is your email? Upgrade to remove ads. What happens during radioactive decay? Daitng do geologists use radioactive dating to determine absolute age of rocks? What is half life of carbon 14? Why doesn't radioactive dating work for sedimentary rock? The law of superposition. What is law of superposition?

Each higher layer is younger than layers below it. What do scientists study to determine relative age or rocks? A fault is always younger than the rock it cuts through. It's a gap in the geologic record. New sediment is radioactive dating works best with what type of rocks quizlet, forming rock layers above the unconformity. Geologists use this to determine relative age. Evidence of how life changed over time 2. When do fossils form? When living things die and are buried by sediments.

How does a fossil form?

radiometric dating song (parody of "radioactive" by Imagine Dragons)

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