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In an age when we rely on social networking to keep in contact with our friends and universihy ones, people are increasingly dependant Facebook and Twitter to keep track guelph university dating site people in their lives. But have you ever wanted a social networking site that would allow you to meet new people instead gueoph just keeping in touch with those you have pre-existing relationships with?

Jordan Dowdall and Natasha Dahing are guelph university dating site creators and founders of U-Date. Jordan is currently in the fourth year of his Real Estate and Housing degree and Natasha is in the fourth year of her Bachelor of Arts and Science degree. U of G student Justin Arnott is the web developer for U-Date. Jordan and Natasha began preparation for U-Date. The site is a part-time project for both Undergraduate students that have ambitions in helping students connect with individuals of similar interest.

U-Date differs from other social networking and dating sites because of the exclusivity involved in registering. Students must provide a valid email address from their respected University or College in order to gain access to the unoversity. Students must also be between the age of eighteen and thirty. University of Guelph students will benefit from this resource on many different levels. Starting as a grass roots project in Guelph and spreading across thirteen schools within Canada, U-Date has been expanding in a very short period of vating.

To find out more information about U-Date, visit Guelph university dating site. U-Date is always seeking motivated and talented students to assist with the site. If you are interested, contact Jordan universitu Natasha through U-Date. To post a comment, you must first login. If you do not have an account on The Cannon, you can register for one for free! Two Guelph students create a dating site exclusive guelph university dating site students Wednesday, October 26, 0 Comments.

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