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Moving to Bermuda self. Bermuda dating scene currently living in Seattle, WA, I'm 24 years old in the IT business, and I'm looking for a change. My father was born in Bermuda and I still have a few family members bermuda dating scene live on the island but I have been considering bermuda dating scene a move down there.

My question is how is the job market currently? Ideally in IT but I am flexible and a quick study Also, how is the social scene for a single 24 year old guy? I'm pretty normal, never had trouble making friends or meeting girls. The Bermuda I know bermuda dating scene a bit older and slower paced, since I know it through older family members who have lived there their whole lives. I'm curious what the younger generation of Bermudians think?

I also had a question about establishing citizenship, from what I've heard since ang dating daan live father was a natural born Bermudian and still holds his citizenship, even though I was born in the US I can make a claim for Bermudian citizenship. I'm not the best person to ask about jobs, but the one thing I'll say is that it's easier if you have Bermuda status; Bermudians get priority over foreigners when it comes to jobs. If, however, there are no Bermudians qualified or willing to take said jobs, they can legally go to a foreigner.

So the question of citizenship or Bermuda dating scene becomes even more pertinent for you. Honestly I have no idea if you qualify because I don't know the details of your situation do you have British citizenship currently? You can look here and try and make something of it:. It can be a bit clique-y at times, but people are generally pretty friendly.

The only thing is that it can take a bit of effort to keep things fresh, i. Hope you like to drink! Thanks for all of the information. I don't currently have British citizenship, but most of my Bermudian family have bermuda dating scene me they are nearly positive I can gain status. If family has connections that will help a lot. Incomes are generally pretty high.

Prices on everything here are high. Have you visited in a while? It may be worth doing so. It's been two years since I've visited, but I haven't visited in the frame of mind of moving there, I'd definitely do that first. What sort of work do you do? What brought you to Bermuda and is it keeping you there? How is the dating scene there? I'm a lawyer at an insurance company. The job brought me bermuda dating scene.

I'm definitely enjoying being here. Bermuda dating scene an expat, I'm on a work visa. Since you'll have status, you won't need to worry about those. Dating -- I can't sugar-coat it. As a single guy, the dating scene here is not the best. There are a lot of single, young professional men and not as many single young professional women. A lot of people move here married. It can be tough as a single guy here, but the better your social network is, the better your chances are. You are right about citizenship.

You'll have to verify your father's first with documents from Bermuda and then verify that he's your father your birth certificate from the US and there is a fee, but you're definitely considered Bermudian. As for single women, they are out there. About a third of my graduating class two different high schools are still single. These are highly educated, beautiful women.

Now, they are in their early thirties, not I am no longer on the island, but it should be simple to find local hangouts and make friends, just ask your cousins or extended family. Or hit the pub and ask about. No idea the job market either unfortunately, but check out The Royal Gazette classifieds online. It'll give a rough idea. And as an international business hub, Bermuda always needs IT, accounting and banking positions filled.

As well as hotel and hospitality positions. Really appreciate the info, would Royal Gazette be the best place for housing as well? Any neighborhoods or areas to recommend for living? I doubt RG would be good for housing. Less people are going to advertise living quarters since there is kind of a bermuda dating scene shortage.

I've always heard word of mouth is best for renting. I cant answer your questions on the local scene there but from what some other posts have told me, it's not quite the hotspot for single chicks unless its a tourist perhaps but most of those are honeymooners. Also something that might be worth a look at are jobs for the Bermuda dating scene Cup: Bermuda dating scene you are able to obtain Bermudian citizenship and want to live here and claim your taxes here, etc.

Remote is a good idea I know a few people here doing this now in various fields. They video Skype, Facetimephone, or IM with their colleagues and clients bermuda dating scene then hop a plane whenever they need to and live in Bermuda bermuda dating scene of the year. If you've got good Cisco knowledge, a fair amount of experience with other networking gear, customer relations, kit installs and full IT solution design, then you might want to check out CCS.

They're a consulting company, but most Bermudians tend to stick to jobs bermuda dating scene your salary is fixed, rather than dependant on how much work you can do. Hiring a competent Bermudian would be a big bonus for them with the Immigration office. The same goes for Ignition, though I'm less familiar with them and therefore can't recommend. That's what the company is charging, not paying the consultant, correct? Also, the hiring competent Bermudian thing, does that give them a tax break?

Getting status should be done prior to applying for a job I would assume then. Yes, the consultancy fees go to the company, but with the amount of double and triple billing that goes on, people barely notice the deductions. No, no tax break, but a plus on in the 'local' department relieves scrutiny, and frees them up to hire more not physically attracted to guy im dating if they need too.

Deals where the hiring company know that the employee will soon become Bermudian are common too. Not sure about CCS in particular on that count. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.

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