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Britt Westbourne

Britt Westbourne is a fictional character from the britt westbourne dating ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospitalportrayed by Kelly Thiebaud. She was introduced by executive producer Frank Valentini on September 19,as the manipulative love interest for Dr. However, the negative response from his daughter Emma Drake towards Britt as free pentecostal dating sites as his feelings for nurse Sabrina Santiago ensure the end of the short-lived relationship.

Britt becomes embroiled in a scheme that sees her become pregnant with another couple's embryo in an attempt to pass off the child as Patrick's. During her pregnancy, briyt fakes a maternity disorder and alters the results of a DNA paternity test. Britt also becomes romantically involved with Nikolas Cassadinebut the relationship ends due to her lies. When Thiebaud decided not to renew her contract, the character was written brirt in December after two years.

She returned for a guest appearance in Britt is known for her "bitchy" attitude, characterized as an "evil" villainess. The term "Britch" A combination of Bri tt and Ewstbourne tch has become widely popular when referring to the character, either in the britt westbourne dating script or social media. The role was initially viewed as being pointless and short-term.

However, Britt's unfolding storyline—which revealed her to be the daughter of super-villain parents Cesar Faison and Dr. Liesl Obrecht —has garnered Thiebaud praise for making daging nastiness believable, with Daytime Confidential calling her a "natural". While enjoying the "nasty" sides of Britt, Thiebaud was pleased to portray the character's layers. Actress Kelly Thiebaud first auditioned for an unspecified contract role, but the producers of General Hospital felt that she wasn't right for the part.

However, they were impressed by her and decided to give her the part britt westbourne dating a recurring character that they were in the dafing of writing, who they characterized as a "bitchy" doctor. Thiebaud described the casting process as a "surprise". Britt Westbourne on September 19, A month into filming, Thiebaud received news that she had been placed on contract.

During an interview with Star Pulse, she confessed that she was shocked, because she felt that she wasn't doing well in the role due to nerves, in addition to the fast-paced nature of the genre. Thiebaud thanked Carlivati and executive producer Frank Valentini for letting her "crutch on Datign. On November 10,it was reported that Thiebaud had been brtt on recurring status following the conclusion of her two-year contract, in order to pursue other acting britt westbourne dating.

Her departure was not confirmed until this date. She said that "It was just a case of getting used to that [taping] speed again", and is open dzting future appearances. Britt's manipulative untruthful personality has led her britt westbourne dating be nicknamed the "Britch" or "Dr. Britch" in the show's dialogue and social media. Thiebaud also hoped that audiences would fall for the character and understand her more. Something you can't do as an actor is judge your character, but it's very easy to do that.

At times I'd catch myself [saying] 'I can't understand why Patrick would want to be with me! I'm a horrible person! I'm so blessed to play someone so interesting and so layered and so expressive. Britt's "nefarious" behavior is attributed to her "manipulative mother and psycho father," being the daughter of Cesar Faison Anders Hove and Dr. Liesl Obrecht Kathleen Gati ; [22] [23] who was involved in the presumed death and kidnapping of Robin Scorpio Kimberly McCullough.

Upon the reveal that Dr. Obrecht was Britt's mother, Thiebaud stated: She noted that "No one is just a bitch. Britt westbourne dating are always reasons behind that. Liesl and Britt scheme to ensure that Britt will have a relationship with Robin's husband Dr. Patrick Drake Jason Thompsonthough their short-lived romance ends and he began dating Sabrina Santiago Teresa CastilloBritt's archenemy.

I'm not convinced he weestbourne she's as conniving as everyone else says she is. In addition, she hoped that Britt's relationship with Nikolas Cassadine Tyler Christopher would "grow closer". She felt that Nikolas and Britt's friendship was "very special", saying: But, Nikolas is continuing to be there for Britt, like no else before has.

Britt later moves in with Nikolas and when she goes into labor, Sabrina delivers her baby after it was revealed that Patrick is not the child's father. At their engagement britt westbourne dating, Elizabeth Webber Rebecca Herbstanother one of Britt's rivals, exposes who Ben's real parents are: Lulu Spencer Emme Rylan and Dante Falconeri Dominic Zamprogna ; with Britt having stole their embryo. Britt westbourne dating, Britt confesses to him that she played a role in Spencer's disappearance to get him back and they break up again.

Head writer Ron Carlivati explained: So, we had this escape hatch already when Kelly decided she was not going to sign a new contract. Britt Westbourne first appears at General Britt westbourne dating, where she develops a sudden attraction for fellow doctor, Patrick Drake Jason Thompsonwho is britt westbourne dating grieving the death of his wife Robin Scorpio who is actually alive and being held captive.

She is intent on starting a serious relationship with him following a few dates, and appointed nurse Sabrina Santiago Teresa Castillo to look after his daughter Emma Drake Brooklyn Rae Silzer. Britt notices that Sabrina has a crush on Patrick, though doesn't rbitt her as a threat, and manages to have sex with Patrick in a hospital staff shower. Patrick britt westbourne dating Sabrina develop feelings for each other, which strengthens once he dumps Britt after she returned Emma's nasty attitude towards her.

Britt manipulatively attempts to destroy Sabrina's career as britt westbourne dating nurse by blackmailing one of her hvac vacuum pump hook up, Maxie Jones Kirsten Stormsinto sabotaging Sabrina at any turn. The effort fails britt westbourne dating Maxie's father Frisco Jones Jack Wagner threatens Britt, freeing Maxie of Britt's blackmail. Britt later sets up Sabrina for it to appear that she cheated on a nursing test, though she is caught and Sabrina graduates as a nurse.

It is later revealed that Britt is the daughter of Dr.

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