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The Art and Archaeology of Clay Pipes

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Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Forum Help Search Calendar Login Register. Peter Burgess forum hero Posts: I'm not really sure which section this should be in. This is an clay pipe dating to get a better idea of dating for a claypipe. The problem is that I and others have a reasonable idea what we would like the age of this object to be, so by checking various claypipe typology charts it is very easy to find a data that 'fits' our expectations.

Such an approach is not as scientific as it could be, so that's why I am asking here, to find someone without clay pipe dating preconceived idea of its age. If anyone reading this thinks they are good at this sort of thing, please let me know what you think, and your reasons for your date, and a good reason clay pipe dating I should believe you. With the impressive range of experts on this forum of all kinds, I feel confident someone can help.

I have an in depth book on the Study of makers and thier marks - Bristol Clay Pipes. Clay pipe dating in this book is - "It is known that the forms of pipes tended to follow local fashion; I found this site; take a picture of the makers mark and see if it helps! Walrus on October 21, Took print out of photo round to well known Peak mine historian to night - he said "how old would you like it to be!

Perhaps they need to be dated in context in which they were found, in the final clay pipe dating Pipe is from old quarry workings, graffiti on walls and roof from early 18th century to about Graffiti largely the work of casual visitors we think. No evidence of 'modern' visitors until s. Quarry is part of a large complex dating back probably to 14th century, maybe earlier.

Some suggestions it might be early Norman. Ok, so the pipe was left in the s by one of Shotlighter's mates. Caving is for Clay pipe dating not just for Christmas. OK Graham, I wasn't having a go at you, just the over-zealous actions in recent days. Please - back to topic. The pipe, by the way, is still in the place it was found, in accordance with NAMHO guidance on removal of artefacts etc etc. Didn't think you were having a go at me.

However, any interpretation of that object would need to demonstrate that dating smith wesson revolver interpretation was wrong. As you must surely appreciate, Graham, items left lying about in an old mine. Clay pipe dating it is a forgery, it will still have an associated date, whether it was photographed in a mine, a museum, or in the street outside my house.

Aye but date is not the only important thing about an artefact. Context is all important. Seems you're stuck with interpreting books on subject. Unless you can con someone into doing a freebie carbon dating assuming there's still smoking residuue in the bowl. Perhaps not as daft as it sounds - not the same technique I know but clay pipe dating managed to get analysis done on 2 different Electron Microscopes up here, by shear cheek!

You never know 'til you ask. Actually, getting a freebie carbon date would be very useful for a few of the really ancient pit props in the supposedly early medieval areas. Depends how big a sample is required these days. And, no Graham, nobody has lugged a year old bit of rotten wood into the mine to fool us. Bob Smith new to all things i haven't seen before junky Posts: We found a well decorated clay pipe dating at Stock's House Shaft, and got a fair bit of info from the clay pipe society.

Although I see no really clear markings on the bowl there may be a maker's stamp not shown in the picture. We made contact with the clay pipe society through the clay pipe maker at Amberly chalk pits museum in West Sussex. Peter Burgess clay pipe dating October 22, The Amberley museum is reasonably local. Might be worth establishing a contact, as we find pipes occasionally, in their original context Clay pipe dating.

The props are a tad more than that even after all the rotting they have undergone. It ought to be of genuine interest though. Downer on October 22, Well, a claypipe that has been handled by someone with really sweaty hands, or after eating a greasy sandwich might put fresh carbon clay pipe dating the bowl, and if we are talking iloilo dating sites then that might be significant.

If we are talking rotten pitprops, one has to ask how much is original wood, and how much might be introduced carbon such as worms and beetles. The props clay pipe dating probably too far gone for dendrochronology. Not a problem at least for the wood. Insects or insect dross or resident fungi are all derived from the same carbon source so they'll all have the same C14 date as the wood. For the clay pipe, if you've got fibrous plant residue you can just wash all the greasy contaminants away - hexane followed by acetone should do the job quite nicely and they'll automatically be flashed off in the vaccuum.

Doing it with a smear of tar might be more difficult but a chromatogram should tell you whether it's been contaminated - no doubt involving another fee - but you really are getting into forensic territory there. October 21,clay pipe dating

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