Dating dissociative identity disorder

You guys wanted a post about what dating someone with Multiple Personality Disorder was like.

Starting To Date With Did (dissociative Identity Disorder)?

I am currently seeing someone with DID. The man I am seeing is wonderful! Lets call him Gavin. Gavin is happy-go-lucky, easy to talk to, understanding, optimistic, and so many more things…We have an amazing bond, unlike any I have ever shared with another human being. It is so comfortable being with him. He feels like home. There is a lot going on in my life, and he has been a pilar of stability for me. Like I said AMAZING!!! The other night we were talking.

I told him I feel like sometimes he loves me more than anything in the world, and sometimes I feel like he could dating dissociative identity disorder less. I asked him if he wanted to be with me or what was going on. He looked at me with so much love in his eyes, reached for my hand then BAM!!! He started going on about how he was bored and that was the only reason that he was around and just horrible horrible things.

I started deleting my number and all other information in his phone, and out of nowhere there were tears in his eyes and Gavin was back. He started trying to explain without actually telling me he had DID. He broke down and confessed everything to me. He was actually Brad. Gavin is the one everyone knows around here. The one everyone Loves. After spending some time talking to Gavin about this I asked if I could speak to Brad.

However, he said he wants to get to know me if Gavin and I are going to be together. Gavin and Brad HATE each other. They are both ready for the other one to be gone…I promised Gavin I would be there to dating dissociative identity disorder him… but what should I do. I am Dating someone with this disorder as well. I have not really seen that much of the other personalities and she is doing treatment to try to keep it under control.

What should I do if i know something that another personality did, that they don't know themselves. And if I told dating dissociative identity disorder this information they would be absolutely devastated, something that they would never do ever, but something the other personality would do. She has already dating dissociative identity disorder having a hard time getting through some of the other things that another personality has done.

Hi, Can you tell me more about this brad, doesnt him loving another person affect your relationship with gavin? Does he not want to reconnect with that other person?? Hi have a bf who has DID. We've been together for 4 months and he's just like you said, he's the sweetest person in the world then BOOM! He's out of it. I've meet 3 of his other personalites. Its a hard thing csuse they all will answer to his name so I get scared that's its not gonna dating dissociative identity disorder him.

My ex fiance has DID I still love her but she had 4 alternate personalities who developed the illusion I was their father, the more intricate they became the less active, less responsive my fiance became, it got to the point where they were almost like parasitic personalities, I tried my best to make her happy but it was like raising 5 people all at dating dissociative identity disorder same time. I still try to talk to her make sure shes ok but we both agree until shes is able to compromise or come up with some way of controlling it at least partially she shouldnt be dating.

But lets just add some more complications into the mix, I also have DID and my other side does not like men at all because of the abuse that I went through as a child also. I think that c let go of the situation because she was trying to teach me a lesson that all men okcupid online dating horror stories all the same.

I have a boyfriend who goes through the exact same thing, sweet, caring then all of a sudden, BOOM. It could be that Brad is wanting something that Gavin has. My boyfriend does not want treatment, and I have just got out of a very intensive conversation with my boyfriends other side. Let's call him H. Maybe brad wants love like Gavin.

You'll make it through, just try to be there for both, ask him about treatment. And try to find a calling for him when Brad comes out, try to understand both of them. She has 4 or maybe it's 3 now? I'm in a very similar situation to you, seeing as both of them just want the other gone. A is quite literally everything M is not, and I suspect was created in an attempt for M to cope with emotional abuse she's put up with her entire life.

M doesn't really remember said abuse other than the current seeing as she has Dissociative Amnesia, but A does remember. Due to the fact that I myself care for both of my friends, I've pretty much just been trying to keep them from killing each other. I am coming from the point of view of someone who has a deep emotional attachment to someone with DID who dislikes one of their alters, BUT DOES NOT WANT TREATMENT ALL THE SAME. Please keep this in mind. But that's enough about my situation.

Here's the thing, both of them are in fact independent people who just happen to be sharing a body. The "original" personality, however, does generally have dating dissociative identity disorder power over the alter sand while this may not be true in your situation, it is true in mine. Even so, they are in fact separate conscious individuals. Think of their head as being an apartment - they're roommates in the body, and what you're seeing in terms of appearance on the outside very likely is not what they are seeing on the inside.

What Brad does and what Gavin does are completely separate things. While Brad loves this other girl, Gavin does not. When you dating dissociative identity disorder a deep emotional attachment to someone with DID, you learn to share the body just as much as they do. If one of them loves someone else, you both learn to understand that ultimately, it isn't cheating as long as you're with the right one of the two.

Once again, this is coming from the point of view of someone who has only interacted with those who DO NOT WANT TREATMENT FOR THEIR DID. My girlfriend is going through the same thing except her alter dating dissociative identity disorder Victoria. Victoria is a 25 year old woman who enjoys spilling secrets that my girlfriend dating dissociative identity disorder. She shows herself when my girlfriend gets stressed out and told me that the only way to get rid of her for good is by helping my gf.

Problem is she won't help to tell me how. She thinks it is a game. It's getting really hard for me to keep doing this though any ideas on how to help?

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