Ideas for 1 year dating anniversary for her

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How To Celebrate Your Anniversary

So today is the one anniversry anniversary of our 1st date with my girlfriend, who I know has bought me a nice gift to celebrate. It's not actually the anniversary of our deciding not to see other people I can't remember that date I'm thinking flowers, but am looking for more suggestions from my fellow Yelpers. Thanks, and by the way a pearl necklace has already been suggested!

Flowers may be cliche, but you can ALWAYS pair them with something. Hell, I'd love flowers from my bf. How about a Build-a-Bear? My boyfriend got my one for our first Valentine's Day and I LOVED it it's acutally a dog, not a bear. I still sleep with it. Is there a annicersary restaurant that she's been wanting to go and you been hesitating cause its kinda expensive? The best is something unique for HER.

Something you'd only do for her. Like what is some of her favorite stuff, things to do, etc. Something that she'll see or use all the time. And dor you give it to her, you gotta say this is to remind you of our 1 year together You haven't bought a gift yet and its today? Well u know what they say What you trying to do to my man? We've done the couple massage thing, trinkets, tons of dinners she's got something special planned tonight, and I'm guessing it's dinnertravel like crazy. I'm looking for something unique, thoughtful but not over the top, but nothing cor coming to mind.

No jewelry, but I do like the teddy bear idea, and of course You guys are killin' me. Nicholai, my tape deck is broken, can I borrow yours? Check out this website -- writings about romantic gifts for women. Look thru it, it might spark an idea, even if you don't get exactly what it lists Haha, yeah I really still have a tape deck. You could put romantical songs on an ipod for her. My coworkers want me to say Power Exchange or at least a threesome. But I ain't doin it.

A business card, movie tickets? OR clean her place for her OR bake her a little dessert for you guys to share at home Jeff, I've got it! This link gives you 2 great choices, she's amniversary to be thrilled with either one, and the link even gives you expert opinion on which one is better: A spa and shopping day. What girl wouldn't love that? Or a box of Coco Bella chocolates, perfume you think would smell amazing on her and a homemade card that says how much you love her.

Just sayin', any girl that would like this for a anniversary gift We just got back from Cannes, Fr. Remember this is not even the real 1st anniversary. Jeff baby, start it with a fine dinner somepl ace nice and make sure it ends wiuth a massage and 'll do alright. How about a great bottle of wine or champagne?? My b-friend took me to a great restaurant on our 1 yr. We had a bottle of Cask Now every year on our dating anniversary, we have a bottle.

We have since joined their wine club and plan on serving their wine at our ideas for 1 year dating anniversary for her coming wedding. Well if this isn't anything "real", then just get her a card and flowers and be done with it. Anniversary, I think trying to celebrate something iddas don't think of as a "real" reason to celebrate might make it difficult to think of something good. I don't think a gift is necessary. Just take her out to a really nice dinner. I think if you wait till the day of, you are already fucked Dinner and a show sounds like a plan.

How about Yoshi's Jack London Square if there's some cool cats improving on certain nights? Or find out what's playing at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. From all of your travels and activities You can download these songs from iTunes and make a playlist. Shutterfly has some nice ones. For today, you can buy a beautiful leather photo album and let her know you intend to fill it up with photos of the upcoming year's travels, activities, events, etc.

Reassurance that there is another year to look forward to ideas for 1 year dating anniversary for her be a naniversary gesture! I agree with Inga. Keep it small, cute, and simple. Or else you'll have to "beat" this one when the "real" one comes along. Just a piece of advice to keep or trash: Especially if you plan on being with her for awhile. Datng you end up with like 3 anniv. I've found that the date you met or the date of your first date is romantic for an actual anniv date Ideas for 1 year dating anniversary for her think the ladies are onto something--too many anniv dates dilutes the whole thing Just DON"T get her anything PRACTICAL.

For some reason girls like impractical gifts while guys prefer practical things. I was thinking either a vacuum cleaner, iron or an exotic cook book Oh yeah how about one of those picnic sets. And make the food yourself. OMG a dammm kitchenaid mixer. Women seem to like that. Can any ladies here verify? As it is, I already do the cooking, and we have a picnic backpack that her father gave us for Xmas last year.

Keep the suggestions rollin'. I'm actually thinking of just getting her a picture book of Italy and a very nice bottle of wine, and nixing the flowers, as we're going camping for the weekend, and won't be around to "enjoy" them. For a one year you seem to have a lot accomplished. Fine did you get her something on here theliberator. Mary almost stole my idea! Diamonds are forever, but we're not at that point, just yet. Slow your roll ya'll. She already pampers herself like crazy, seeing fof masseuse once or twice a month.

As for dinner, I already do the majority of the cooking and when I don't cook, we go out to eat so I don't know how special that would be. How about a kitten? I did an awesome one year anniversary gift for an ex a couple of years ago. My theme was "I love you, Mind, Body, and Spirit," and for each ideas for 1 year dating anniversary for her was a little token: Ah, yes, being clever pays off sometimes. Jeff I just found this really cute website candydirect.

They have all kinds of novelty candy too. Stuff from when you were a kid that you can't find anymore. Hey Jeff, whatever you get her, just don't cheat on her, okay bro: It's nice out, pack a picnic and take her to the park. GO on a kayak adventure on Angel Island, or if you guys aren't into the athletic thing, walk around Sausalito or San Rafael window shopping and iddas ice cream. Or Treat yourself to a VIP experienc.

Enjoy breathtaking penthouse views while iddas your favorite cocktails and dancing underneath the stars at Harry Denton's Starlight Room, located atop the Sir Francis Drake.

One Year Anniversary

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