Matchmaking ruined titanfall

the new matchmaking system has ruined titanfall for me

matchmaking - balance

Fan Art Contest Winners: Matchmaking ruins this game for me, big disappointment. I just push on, fuck it, you play with the big kids and learn to be faster, more aware. Its the best way i have found to up skill. Watch kill cams and see how they got you. But over time exp does make you better, practice makes perfect! While I matchmaking ruined titanfall with that as a generalization, higher Gen does equal more time in game.

I don't know about you but the more I play a game the better I learn the matchmaking ruined titanfall. The more attack and escape routes you memorize. Your twitch response may or may not go up, your aim may or may not get accurate, but you will be more knowledge about about how to move, where, and when. That gives higher Gen players an vietsub hope for dating ep 24. That advantage might be erased by low level player with natural skill, but for the average player it can play a big role.

Titanfall is supposed to use other metric besides level when matching games. That's not the matchmaking ruined titanfall. Also the problem isn't that Gen 8 players are playing with Gen 1 players, matchmaking ruined titanfall problem is the team balancing. When you get two Gen 10s and one Gen 7 on a team while the other team only has two players above Gen 1, that is a problem. That makes the game considerably one-sided.

It's not that playing a high level automatically means that person is an amazing shot, but having played the maps many, many more times than a first level means they know exactly what routes people gravitate towards. For example, I've been playing a lot of Battlefield 4. The knowledge of the flow of the map is sometimes more important than the skill of the player as a badly skilled player that sticks to empty flank routes will usually be able matchmaking ruined titanfall climb the lobby leaderboard easily because they don't see anyone.

A few AT mines here and there will also lead to easy kills. Knowing where people are likely to be and being able to predict these routes will give you an enormous advantage. I literally just created the page and I got about 6 of us that play casually whom will be subscribing when they can. We are just trying to build a group of good team players: I'll sub later tonight and hit y'all up if y'all are on Xbox one.

I need to find a group: I play casually and most of us do. We dont have a dedicated party, its just intended to help form full parties of team players. Anyone really is welcome, competitive or casual. We just want to skip out on the trolls and ragers. Our group always matchmaking ruined titanfall when we get an enemy team that looks like that, because they'll be trying to do dumb challenges.

A stomp fest isn't fun, I always use weird weapons I never use when in those situations. Makes for a different experience and we're on a more level playing field. Matchmaking ruined titanfall we're still trying to do challenges ourselves, but it means we can do them and not have to swap to serious business load-outs. Although admittedly, when you're a 6 man team with a couple of srs bsns load-outs working together, it doesn't really matter what the enemy is matchmaking ruined titanfall can kill them fairly easily.

Yeah, that's about what my parties usually look like. Couple g10's, 8's, 5's. People leave the lobbies against us all the time but we just wait until someone sticks. Coming up against matchmaking ruined titanfall party even one containing lower ranked players as a solo player sucks. Taking on two or three people playing together is really difficult if not impossible. I really wish we could have a no party mode, or they could split parties.

Scramble mode is much needed. Last night had a lobby with 6 on one team I was solo and one of the full team and 2 on the other team waiting for more to join. Sat there for 5 minutes before giving up, why couldn't the system just scramble the teams and start a 4v4 game? If you are playing solo get used to this then, i literally don't play this game alone due to the fact that this happens.

No matter how well i play i can't single handedly beat a party of people. Matchmaking right now frequently dumps single players into lobbies against a full party. The solution isn't "just play with a full party too. Or what about when you just want to play a game or two before school, work, bed? Not even mentioning the matchmaking ruined titanfall experience imbalance when this happens, as in OP's pic.

Matchmaking simply needs to be improved, no getting around it. It does need to be improved i'm not against that, I simply said I do not play alone anymore due to the fact the matchmaking sucks, i didn't matchmaking ruined titanfall him to find a party to play with? Honestly I'm okay with how the system is right now. I just got the game and the xbone last week and I've been really enjoying how there's games where I can best a gen 9 and I'm still lvl 47 or so give er take.

But wither way, just keep going! It would annoy me less if not every once and a while some prissy princess needed to inform everyone of her supiority and how it's all of our responsibility to entertain her. When I used to play Halo, a big part of the fun and encouragement to keep playing was to try to raise my rank. You'd play until your rank leveled out over the course of a few dozen games to give you an accurate judge of your skill.

Matchmaking ruined titanfall each level you gained felt like a big achievement and growth in skill. Can't believe Titanfall didn't have ranked matchmaking at release. I will give it a shot again some day when it does. I know the feeling mate. I just don't get how or why this can happen. It didn't automatically switch them out, we backed out at the end. I feel like the new matchmaking stuff shouldn't be used as an excuse, games like this shouldn't be happening in the first place.

I suppose, but we really don't know the inner workings of the matchmaking system. Who really knows what's going on, honestly. It could be like the SC2 system where occasionally you'll be matched with players that are much better than you to see how you fare. Please stop blaming the matchmaking. Currently, you're advocating a system where connection isn't the number 1 priority.

What needs to change is lobby balancing. The teams should be adjusted before each game based on skill not rank to create a more even experience. Please do not mess with match making.

Titanfall 2 - WORST CHOKE OF MY LIFE. 43 Kills, 7 Titan Kills, STILL LOST.

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